Quick Look At The Best 16 Animedao Alternatives

For all those anime fans missing the wonderful content delivered by animedao, despair not. The streaming service may be gone, but there are a plethora of excellent alternatives out there that can bring back your binging bliss. Here’s an overview and list of five great animedao replacements worth exploring right away!

What is Animedao?

Animedao was an anime streaming service, and aggregator launched back in 2017. It provided users with a large collection of Naruto, Dragon Ball Super, Bleach and other popular Japanimation series to watch online or download for free. Animedao then shut down abruptly near the end of 2019 due to technical problems and licensing issues.

Top 16 Animdao Alternatives

Don’t panic! There are still plenty of great options available for watching anime online. These are some of the best animedao alternatives that have boosted up with their impressive features and library full of the latest shows:

Tubi TV:


A relatively new streaming service, TubiTV is an amazing choice for binge-watching your favorite movies or series without any limitations. It offers numerous Anime titles from well-known distributors such as Funimation and Viz Media, along with a few other genres as well.



This is one of the most popular and oldest Anime streaming websites, having a huge collection of shows from different genres. The site streams all the latest episodes for users who don’t want to miss out on any new releases. It also provides plenty of older titles in case you feel like revisiting an old classic or catching up on a missed series.



As the name implies, this aptly named website is focused on showcasing the very popular series Naruto and its sequels, like Naruto Shippuden, with all episodes running in high quality.



This streaming service hosts both subbed and dubbed versions of Anime shows. They also provide original soundtracks from their library, so it can become easier to enjoy the full content without any issues.

Cartoon Crazy:


Cartoon Crazy is another reliable website that lists all the latest and popular anime series from multiple seasons. It also has a huge database of other genres, like cartoons and Asian dramas, so you won’t have to look further for your Anime fix.

Anime Frenzy:


This streaming service offers users an amazingly good-looking interface for easy navigation through its library of shows. All the available episodes are often updated within minutes after airing in Japan, making it one of the fastest sources online.



WatchAnimemovie host not only Anime series but also full-length films and OVAs for their millions of users worldwide. The site’s contents are regularly updated to take care that fans never have to miss out on anything from the Anime world.



This is another great streaming website that frequently adds new episodes to its library with high-quality HD videos. It provides a range of crucial features like a series finder, filter system by genres, watchlist etc., making itself a preferred choice for Anime lovers across the globe.



An anime streaming website that strives very hard to provide diversity in its massive collection. 9Anime has some unique collections of old animation shows and movies as well, which makes it one decent source for nostalgia trips or for someone who seeks to explore the rich culture of classic Anime.



A great streaming website with a clean and well-organized interface, hosting an impressive collection of shows from all genres in perfect HD quality videos. Its content library is also very reliable as it keeps up with every new release on time.



AnimesLab focuses mostly on adding English dubbed episodes, so it’s a great source for those who want to watch some Anime without following the original Japanese audio. It also provides an impressive library of movies and shows along with various other content.



A more commercialized streaming service, but still worth giving it a shot as its gigantic collection will not let you regret that ever. Crunchyroll is well-known for providing old titles and the latest episodes of ongoing series alike at a lightning-fast speed.



Funimation is another awesome streaming website that focuses more on English subbed Anime, although they also host some of the titles in either Japanese language or both languages. It offers a well-designed UI and has a comprehensive collection for everyone who loves Anime to enjoy without any buffer gap or lag issue.



This isn’t surprisingly one of the most feature-packed streaming sources available these days. GoGoAnime streams anime episodes and movies in full HD quality without any commercials for their users online. It also has a large selection of other animation shows, cartoons, comics and movies as well.



If it doesn’t bother you that the official site Kissanime was permanently canceled back in the summer, then check out its replacement now – gogo animes hot spot version named Kissanime.ru, which hosts a gigantic library of Anime movies and series from multiple sources to choose from



Another popular streaming service for Anime fans, Masterani has everything you need in one place. It not only provides top-quality content but also increases its collection frequently, along with high-resolution videos capable of running on low internet speeds as well.

So these were some finest alternatives that barely just missed out, giving animedao an even competitive edge, be sure to check them out if you prefer a high-quality Anime streaming experience!

Animedao FAQs

Why didn’t animedao remain open?

Animedao shut down suddenly in 2019 due to some technical and licensing issues.

Are there alternatives that are just as good as animedao?

Yes! There are several alternatives to animedao that provide users with a wide variety of Anime and other genres of shows with impressive features.

Are the alternatives free?

Some services offer their collections for free, while some may have certain limitations, but generally, these 16 alternative streaming sources are available either partially free or in paid packages.

What kind of content do these animedao alternatives offer?

The alternative streaming sources usually offer a huge selection of Anime and other genres such as cartoons, dramas, films etc. each with different episodes from various seasons.

Are these alternatives safe to use?

Yes, the 16 animdao alternatives are safe to watch content online without any potential malware threats or copyright infringement issues.

Animedao might have gone, but they left behind a fortress of excellent alternatives to keep us hooked and entertained with the best of Anime series on their successful sites. So go ahead, check out more information about these solid replacements today and trust them to fill your streaming bing void!