25 Best 9anime Alternatives To Watch Anime Online

9Anime is one of the most popular streaming portals for anime fans. It offered a large library of classic and latest series, movies, dubs and subtitled episodes that you can watch for free. But unfortunately, it was shut down, to everyone’s disappointment, recently due to piracy issues with copyright holders.

So if you’ve been looking for alternatives to get your daily dose of anime, here are the best 9anime alternatives that are available to watch online.



GoGoAnime is a great alternative if you have been missing out on 9Anime’s library of content. The website offers thousands of anime titles ranging from old classics to newly released series and movies in subtitle or dubbed versions both for free. It also has a mobile app with lots of exclusive features like dark mode and a personal watch list that makes it convenient for users.



Animixplay is another great anime streaming website if you are looking for an alternative to 9Anime with lots of options. It has over 2000 titles, both in dubbed and subtitle format, along with movies and shorts. The user-friendly interface allows the viewers to quickly choose what they want to view from a wide selection of categories and genres.



KissCartoon is the perfect go-to for those fans who want to watch cartoons online for free with ease. There are over hundreds of amazing cartoon titles from old and classic shows, movies and new series as well. The website also allows users to leave comments on their favorite anime content, adding an interactive experience that 9Anime does not offer.



If you want to watch cartoons online for free, watching cartoon online is the way to go. The website has an expansive library of all popular and classic titles from Children’s shows, Pokemon etc., subtitled or dubbed in different languages. It also supports HD viewing for viewers who prefer better-quality content.



With thousands of titles, including some rare gems, CartoonCrazy is another great replacement for 9Anime. It has tons of old, new and trending titles from different genres, along with a mobile-friendly website that enables viewers to watch their favorite shows on the go. The site also provides advice and ratings from experts who can help users in selecting content quickly.



If you had been a fan of KissAnime before it was shut down, KissAnime offers similar features like a massive library of anime and cartoon titles, and Hd resolution videos that are free and easy to watch. Along with English subtitles, it provides other language dubs such as Spanish etc., making it popular among viewers from all over the globe.



AnimePark is a great place for watching anime online if you have been missing out on 9Anime’s extensive library of content. It has an extensive collection of both classic and latest titles from different genres, along with a convenient navigation panel that helps users quickly find their favorite series.



AnimeFreak is the go-to for all those anime fans who need an alternative place to watch free content online. It offers thousands of classic, new and trending shows with options such as searching by genre or alphabetical order that makes it easier for viewers to locate what they are looking for.



Master Anime is an ideal streaming portal for those who have been searching for a great replacement for 9Anime. With a large library consisting of both old and latest titles, this website provides some unique features like the ability to request new shows and create playlists that make it different from other alternatives.



A quality source for streaming anime with subtitles, Animepahe is another great alternative for 9Anime fans. The website has an extensive library of both classic and new titles from different genres along with a sorting feature that makes it easier to find the content you’re looking for by popularity or alphabetical order.



For those who are seeking free anime streaming online, AnimeHeaven is undoubtedly one of the most popular alternatives that provide quality content with a huge collection ranging from classic to newly released titles in English subtitles as well as some other languages like Spanish, French etc.



Another great alternative for 9Anime lovers is Animeland which offers a large library of both classic and recently released anime series along with different categories that make it easier for viewers to locate their wanted content quickly. The website also has dubbed version of each episode, making it available in multiple languages.



If you’re looking for an extensive library of anime content without registration or subscription, Anime-Planet is the way to go. It has a huge selection of classic and latest titles from different genres that can also be watched in dubbed versions. The website also provides advice ratings to ensure viewers find the best suitable shows as per their interests.



Another great alternative to 9Anime is Crunchyroll – one of the most well-known anime streaming services that offer a huge library of content along with exclusive features such as watch playlists, social media integration and simulcast titles etc. The website provides both free and paid subscription versions where users can access their favorite shows without ad interruptions.



For those who want to stream unlimited HD-quality anime series episodes for free without registration, Animelab is the place to be. It offers a large selection of classic and new titles with subtitles or dubbed versions both available in English and other languages.



A great website for free anime streaming, Chia Animes has thousands of content ranging from old classics to newly released movies and series available in dubs as well as subtitles making it easier for viewers from all around the world to access their favorite shows.



For those who love cartoons more than anime, Anime Toons offers a great alternative to 9Anime, with a vast library full of old classics and the latest titles but in cartoon format. The website also provides reviews on shows that can help viewers make their decision easily.



Another source for free streaming is Anime Ultima which has an extensive collection ranging from classic to new and trendy series. The website also supports different languages for viewers from all over the world, with both subtitle and dubbed versions available in multiple languages.



This streaming service is a great alternative to 9 Animes’ Anime-Planet, which has lots of content featuring both classic and newly released titles as well as some dubs that you can watch without any subscription or fees. It also provides advice, ratings and user reviews to ensure viewers can find the best suitable shows for them.



The last but not least alternative to 9Anime is Anime Karma which has a huge selection of content from both classic and new releases with subtitles in over eight languages, making it accessible to viewers from all parts of the world without any fees or registration. It also provides user reviews and ratings that can help viewers decide easily between different series.

9anime FAQs

What happened to 9anime?
9Anime was shut down due to copyright issues with rights holders.

Is there a replacement website for 9anime?
Yes, there are several alternatives, such as GoGoAnime, AnimixPlay and KissCartoon, that provide similar content and features as the original site.

How do I watch anime online without registration/subscription?
There are several streaming websites, such as AnimeUltima and AnimeKarma, that provide free content without any registration or subscription.

What is the best alternative to 9anime?
GoGoAnime, AnimixPlay and KissCartoon are some of the most widely used alternatives to 9Anime. Each provides a large library of anime along with exclusive features like dark mode and a personal watch list, which make it one of the best streaming websites available online.

Are there any legal HD sites for watching anime?
Yes, Crunchyroll is one of the most popular and legalized streaming services that provide content in HD quality. It has a subscription-based service where viewers can access their favorite series and movies without any fees or ad interruption.

Are there any free dubbed anime sites?
Animelab and ChiaAnime are some of the most widely used sites for watching English dubbed anime online for free. Both provide a large content library with different genres, such as action, romance and comedy etc. Along with English subtitles, they provide other language dubs as well, making it easier for viewers from all over the world to watch their favorite series.