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7 Features An Ideal EMR Software Should Include

Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) are a reality. Due to a carrot and stick approach in the form of penalties and incentives, a large number of practices are joining the EMR bandwagon and rightly so. The convenience and efficiency that an EMR software brings to your practice can never be overstated. However, the other side of the coin is that some software providers are indulging in mis-selling by incorrectly representing the features of their EMR software. Thus, it is very important for you to identify certain non-negotiable features that you are looking for.

In this article, we discuss 7 features an ideal EMR software should include. 

  1. Easy Billing – At the end of the day, billing is what keeps your practice floating and helps you serve your patients. An effective EMR software will make billing easy for you by optimising the billing process and making it fast and without any complicated steps. There are a few characteristics that you need to look for in the EMR software that you are considering, namely, whether it can generate bills directly from patient charts, whether it can collect payments and whether it makes it easier to send bills to the payers.
  2. Efficient Scheduling – While deciding upon an EMR software, one of the crucial tasks is comparing EMR software. In the process, the scheduling features of the various available options need to be seriously analysed. Registration of patients, scheduling appointments and identifying the right consultant with reference to the purpose of the visit should be simple tasks in the system dashboard. In order to save time and resources, the EMR software should allow you to send automated text messages and emails to the appointments. Your staff should be able to make the best use of the scheduling features.
  3. E-prescribing – Needless to say, the EMR software you opt for should offer e-prescribing. Not only should you be able to generate digital and physical versions of the required medications but the EMR software should integrate the e-prescription software to the medical history of the patient to link and identify any past allergic reactions to the medication that you are prescribing. Further, the software should then link the prescription to the pharmacies so that when the patient goes for a refill, he or she is not burdened with unnecessary paperwork. Notification systems should be useful for patients.
  4. Enable Charting – Let’s face it. Charting is a task which takes a lot of the doctors’ and nurses’ time. If everything can be faster and easier through the use of software, there is no reason for charting to remain the manual labour that it is. An ideal EMR software will ensure that professionals spend less time in front of a computer screen and more time dealing with the patient. In fact, there is a study by Northwestern University which indicates that doctors who spend more time on computer screens may miss non-verbal clues from patients which might signal important information about their health.
  5. Lab Integration – Lab integration is one of the most crucial features you can expect from an EMR. This would obviously be very relevant if your practice is solely dependent on lab work. An ideal EMR software will help you make bookings, track the collection of the samples, its processing, report generation and delivery to the patient. Availability of information and testing codes, constant updates from testing centres and linking of test results with patient’s medical records are some of the features that you must look for in an EMR.
  6. HIPAA Compliance – HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. There are certain regulations under the Act that you need to comply with especially when it comes to medical information and health data of patients. Your EMR software should be built of HIPAA compliant servers so that the data of the patients is safe and secure.
  7. Patient Portal – Patient portal is one of the must-have EMR features for healthcare practice. The patient portal should include:
    1. Health related information.
    2. Tests undertaken
    3. Status of test results
    4. Immunization history
    5. Chronic illness, if any
    6. History of visits
    7. Option of scheduling appointments
    8. Contact information
    9. Prescription information
    10. Payment modes

The choice of an EMR software will have a significant impact on your practice. Hence, it is necessary that you choose wisely. It makes a huge difference if healthcare practitioners themselves get involved in this process of choosing an EMR software as they are aware of the requirements. If this is not done correctly, then the management of clerical staff may purchase software that may not be suited to your practice. One of the upcoming concepts in the growth of EMR softwares is through the use of telemedicine. A forward looking EMR software will provide professional video conferencing between practitioners and patients with real time note taking possibilities. 

What is Vivid Digital Technologies?

Millions of websites are taken down by a member of Anonymous, who is claiming responsibility, by causing GoDaddy’s services to go down. Email and domain serving also seem to be affected. Read more about it at TechCrunch

HTML5/CSS3 Can Do That? Google I/O 2012 produced some great videos! I found this presentation by Eric Bidelman one especially intriguing. “The web is changing so quickly that it’s hard to keep up with what’s new in the platform. HTML5′s new capabilities allow developers to build a whole new suite of applications – things that were once impossible to do, are now a reality. “ View the session on the Google Developers site.

Just five days after my last post on Dec. 3rd annoucing my father’s passing, we lost my father-in-law suddenly. The past few months have been a whirlwind of shock and sorrow. The holidays were difficult and my sons have made it past their birthdays without their Grandpas, although not without lots of tears. But as we are well into the new year, things are looking brighter. I am pleased to say that I am incredibly happy at my new job with Platinum Innovation Group. I have decided that I will not be accepting any new clients from this point forward. I look forward to continuing to serve my current clients.

I just want to take a moment to thank everyone for their patience these past few weeks. As many of you already know, my father passed away on November 12th. It has been a difficult time since and many work related tasks have had to be pushed aside to focus on the family issues at hand. Your patience is such a gift to me and has helped me greatly. While work is still a bit behind schedule, things are slowly returning to normal. So, thank you to everyone for your patience. I appreciate it more than words can express.

hi·a·tus: a period when something (as a program or activity) is suspended or interrupted.1 It has been my pleasure to serve the web development needs of my customers for the past eight years. So it is with a heavy heart that I must announce that I will be taking a hiatus from full time freelance development for an undetermined amount of time. Pressing family issues, including the fast declining health of my terminally ill father, have prompted this difficult decision. To my current clients, I am still available to support your needs, however requests for new projects will be handled on a case by case basis. To new potential clients, I’d be happy to discuss your website development needs and will accept new projects as time allows. Work will be handled in the following order of priority:

New clients not referred by a current client Phone based support will be limited, so I’d like to request that everyone use email to contact me. Thank you to each and every client I’ve worked with over the years. I look forward to serving you for many years to come. I am unable to predict at this time when I will be able to return to full time freelancing, however it is my strong desire to do so.

What are The Essential SEO Power Tools

SEO power tools will help you diagnose technical concerns of your website and optimize your website.

IIS SEO Toolkit:

It is a free tool kit that would give you an overview of your site’s performance. It helps in analyzing the SEO aspects like structure, content and URLs for search engines. This tool also clearly points out whether your title is too long, or a page is broken. It also presents errors or items that need special attention with a red x, so it makes the job easy to see the issues you need to correct.

Majestic SEO:

This tool offers a strong set of link tools that helps you analyze and track any domain in detail. Their Site Explorer tool lets you dive down into any URL.

The Keyword Checker tool lets you search Majestic SEO for a keyword or phrase for how many times it appears; also it provides you with the search volume that is based on organic data primarily. The Backlink History tool allows SEO professionals to find the number of backlinks given to a domain, subdomain, or URL.

Screaming Frog:

It is an SEO tool that helps to download and install on your Mac or PC.

This tool spiders things like CSS, links, and images from an SEO viewpoint. It will also demonstrate you issues like 302s, which you can swiftly share with your developers to fix. It also mediates in exporting things like Meta descriptions, page title and URLs to an excel document, in order to give you a better view.

Adobe Site Catalyst:

Analytic tools like Adobe Site Catalyst is a great tool in comparing your traffic flow over the years. It also keeps you aware of cyclical. This tool also helps you find the most lucrative funnels through a website and determines where the place that visitors are leaving your site is and how can you better optimizing for ‘stickiness.’

Google Webmaster Tools:

Heseltine strongly recommended getting this tool as not only is it FREE, but also lets you see how Google sees your site and can make you aware of site issues like 404 pages and if your site has been infected with malware. Heseltine also wrote a great overview on Google Webmaster Tools.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a free tool that is extremely recommended as it shows you what are the various items that you should be aware of if you’re in online marketing. This tool will make you understand how your site is doing from a day-to-day, month-to-month and year-to-year perspective.

Bing Webmaster Tools:

It is a free tool that you would let you see how your site is performing from a Bing perspective.

Google Trends:

Google Trends is another free keyword research tool that lets you see what variations of a keyword or phrase is working well in search. It is also a great tool to let you plan the content.

SEO Tool Set:

This tool takes detailed look at your server header and can detect redirects as well as follows and points out issues relating to your site’s performance. It’s also a tool you can use if you wish to see how your competitor is doing.

You Get Signal:

You Get Signal help in finding out what your competitor is doing on their server.


HitWise gives you details within your ecosystem and also gives you keywords in your space. This is not a free tool.

How does Social Media helps us to grow our business?

Social media is an Internet-based channel where users are allowed to interact with each other and share opinions and also involves the building of communities or networks and encouraging participation and engagement. It has become the necessity of one’s daily routine. A general social person spends atleast2 to 3 hours on Facebook/WhatsApp/twitter etc., so what could be the best platform for marketing a product where millions of people are active together. Digital marketing is promoting the product or services using the Internet.

We can relate the social media as one of the biggest platforms in digital marketing where

• Social media helps to categorize customers. We can have a look into one’s life from the likes and dislikes they have expressed on social media and the products/brands or the services they are interested or looking forward to using. Planning the business accordingly will make sure that most of the leads are made to conversions/sales.

• Promoting the product on social media makes sure that the product is being in the front line to watch. Offers or any gift voucher plans introduced by the concerned business people can catch the eye of viewers and also watching the product more frequently may attract the viewer to buy the product.

• As there is an option called sharing views in social media, the reviews or feedbacks can be used to improvise the products/services; quick attention towards resolving the issue with the product/service will make the present customers happy and also helps in improving the chance of grabbing the new customers as well.

• The brand name can be recognized more by the people once they start noticing the products or services on social media. And also if your product/brand is present on social networking sites, it will help you to gain brand loyalty, as it is easy and accessible for the customers to reach your business. Because the customer seems more approachable when the concerned brand involves direct interactions with the customers. And also that will earn the goodwill of the customers, which indirectly earns the publicity for getting the new leads through the existing users of product/services.

• Trust gained products/services are the ones which people tend mostly to rely on. As Social media allows the people concerned with business to buildup and maintain healthy relationship directly with the customers, based on the related feedbacks of the customers if the product is improvised then the trust can be gained easily which can be the key to success.

• Analysis through the social media platform can be done comfortably and utilized for the research of the market and find the recent inclinations or interests of the people and also it is easy to understand their exact point of engrossment and even they can know what actually their customers think of their business by the reactions and comments gave towards the product/services which are provided, through which modifications can be done to the product/service accordingly. Digital marketing will be the future of marketing that gradually gains more place in the online and offline World.

Whereas Social media is the platform to connect with other people and change the way to find new customers and promotion of the products/services. It has its own share in the Digital marketing.

Common SMM mistakes

During the last few years social media has entered into our lives form mere platform of communication to an influential resource of

our everyday lives. This has become a super power tool for the companies and businesses to be engaged in people’s day-to-day affairs. Being an open forum, social media provides companies access to people’s preferences on brands and what they discuss , thus giving the business owners the right ways to interact with potential customers.

Morever, people themselves use social media to know more about certain brands and companies. A social media can provide people/customers interactive kind of information; as a result most of the companies this day include Social Media Marketing (SMM) in their marketing strategies.

SMM is not blind advertising; it uses a diverse kind of promotion tactic. Partial understanding of social media wouldn’t give a good result. Clear learning is recommended for better performance.

Here is a list of few common mistakes made by social media marketers.


Frequent content posting is salient in grabbing subscriber’s attention. But there has to be a sensible limit. Nonstop spamming will irk subscribers.

• Obtrusive Promotion:

Naked promotional contents never appease a consumer. If 25per cent of your contents are dedicated for promotion of your brand, you might risk losing your audience along with the social media likes and shares that comes with that audience.

• Impersonal Communication:

People expect interaction through social media, but they prefer talking to people than to any faceless corporation. Try to avoid all formal phrases and languages while creating posts. Genuine and down to earth replies and conversations would account to more followers.

• Blindfold believing that everyone reads your content:

It is foolishness to believe that everyone reads your contents that is been shared via certain social media platforms or blogs. People are stuck with so many other businesses that they wouldn’t give eye to details, so don’t be puzzled if you receive same queries from multiple readers. Be patient to reply everyone.

• Expecting Immediate Results:

Patience is the ruling formula to SMM, because it deals in making people believe in you. The key feature of SMM is establishing connections that bring business. This process will not bring results all of a sudden; it takes time for the customers to do the marketing by spreading the good will of your company through word of mouth.

• Deleting negative feedback:

No company is perfect. Every business receives negative feedback or reviews. No matter how tempting it is do not delete or ignore a negative feedback. The decent solution is a positive public response to such statements.

• Choosing wrong marketers:

An SM marketer should be hired with discretion. This person must possess exceptional communication skills, know social media principles perfectly and understand the psychology of online interactions. Choice of a pleasant SMM voice could also do the trick.

• Be open with customers:

Social media is an extremely open arena, where people share their ideas and opinions public. To win the loyalty and respect of customers one has to be transparent and provide all the details about one’s company and business to the consumers.

• Focusing single social platform:

Focussing on a single social network and ignoring the rest of the network would bring only minuscule subscribers. As people has the tendency to shift social platforms on and off, it is necessary to launch several initiatives on various networks and keep them all updated.

• Forgetting to thank:

Never think that your subscribers don’t expect anything in return for helping you in your promotions. Reward them with prizes and benefits like discounts and tickets. Your goal must be not only to increase the customer base but to retain the present subscribers.

Bounce Rate: Definition, Reasons and Solutions

Bounce rate is a pretty little thing for your website.

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of people come to a page and leave without any further involvement.

Say, people are searching SEO services in Google. They typed relevant keywords. They found your page ranked top. They reached your website. They got back within seconds without visiting your web pages properly. That indicates that the person has bounced off.

Higher bounce rates are not always bad. Bounce rates are measured differently for different websites. If people get the information they are looking for and leave your website, it is not a bad thing at all even with higher bounce rate. That means you have successfully served the purpose of the audience. But in overall cases, higher bounce rate is an indicator of poor business. It points out towards incomplete transaction between publishers and the viewers. It means publishers fail to understand the interests of the audience. Web pages with higher bounce rates go lower with time.

Now, do you know how to find bounce rates for your web pages?

The best way to check your bounce rate is Google Analytics. Google Analytics can give you a complete idea of bounce rates you got from different sources. You can check your bounce rates by landing pages, location, different devices, and browsers. You will know from where your viewers are coming, what they are watching, what they are liking, everything with from bounce rates. Digital marketing strategies can be crafted in a more significant way with the insight of bounce rates.

If your pages are full of information, if you are able to guide your viewers, if you can help them by references, viewers are most likely to stay on your page. And the bounce rate of your pages will go down. Viewers may leave their mail on your website. There are higher chances you can transform them into loyal customers.

In the case of simple landing pages that run ads and all bounce rates are 70% to 90%. For retail sites, it is 20% to 40%. For portal sites, 10% to 30% bounce rate is good. For FAQ and service providing sites, 10% to 30% bounce rates are good only. Good content sites usually have 40% to 60% bounce rates. Again with lead generation sites, 30% to 50% bounce rate seems good.

For an overall understanding, 80% bounce rate is really bad for your website. 60% to 80% is okay. 50% bounce rate is actually better for your site. If the bounce rate of your website is lower than that you can consider yourself in really a pretty good position.

So now you have understood the general metrics scale of bounce rate for your website, let us now focus on something else.

What are the reasons of bounce rate?

If your websites take too much time to load, people will leave your page. Make sure that your website responds generously against customer search.

Make the journey of your customer seamless by generating relevant and attractive titles and descriptions for your landing pages.

Bounce rate below 20% is really good for your website. And we understand how happy you will become to watch bounce rate going down. But many times it happens due to improper settings of Google Analytics. Ensure that Google analytics set up is not broken.

Most of the time people searched through mobiles. If your website is not that mobile friendly, you are most like to get higher bounce rates.

Sometimes when people come to your site, they don’t feel like staying on your website and they bounce off. Maybe your designs, your contents are not that much engaging. Make sure your audience remains to engage with our site! It will reduce site bounce rate.

How to decrease bounce rate of your website?

Google Analytics tool can be your big help. Where do your customers stay? What are their languages? What are their choices?

You can customize your websites to match your customer persona. You can render appealing web experiences for your viewers.

It is highly recommended that you do check and observe every traffic channel on daily basis. By comparing them with previous traffic results and by focusing on the reasons you can actually improve the level of user experience.

Make your website a place where users get all relevant information. So that they don’t feel like going to other site and search. Give them everything they want on your site. Provide links, suggestions, and references. Make them happy. It will gradually improve your bounce rate.

Do not hesitate a bit to put a call to action button on your page. Viewers come to your sites for some reasons. They need something from you. Call to action options completes the transaction. You can generate good numbers of business leads through it.

Effective Ways To Monetize Email List

Email is still the most effective way to reach your target audience, whether you are trying to sell a product, deliver information to get subscribers to your blog or building relationship. Emails are serving a purpose from decades long and till date regardless of the direction that online media takes up with the birth of new age technologies.

Email Marketing is the most profitable platform for Digital Marketers giving returns up to 4000%, yes you heard it absolutely right. Direct Marketing Association estimated that for every 1 $ spend in email marketing will give returns of 40 $. In order to achieve high returns, there is need to learn effective ways to monetize email list.

Let’s drive into proven and reliable passive income generating source by monetizing email list

Percentage of sales is an agreement between you and merchant(who is a product owner), you will get paid a fixed commission on every purchase made my traffic sent by you. 80 % of email marketers earn through the percentage of sales. The commission rate ranges from 40 % to even 100 % of product price. Merchant pay this big commissions because you are helping them to acquire the customer for their lifetime.

This is absolutely fastest and simplest way to earn because it requires just an email and one-page website, no product development, no customer support hassle. Just simply copy paste the affiliate link in your email broadcast or in free reports which you will send to the email list.

The job of the email marketer her is to send the traffic with excitement to merchant landing page. All the product information and the sales pitch are taken care by merchant only.

The thousands of merchants are dying to work with you, There are lakhs of products in thousands of niches, find the best product in the niche and start promoting to email subscribers. There are multiple affiliate networks where you can sign up and find thousands of products. Some of the best affiliate networks include

Launching Soon: Free Video course on building massive email marketing business.

Best and quickest way to monetize Email List is by promotion CPA offers. The CPA stands for Cost Per Action, you as an affiliate get paid commission when your traffic just does a small thing like entering a Zip Code or entering their email address etc.There is no need to buy a product and no need to enter credit card details by the visitors, This is fastest and simplest way to earn thousands of dollars in commission. There are multiple CPA affiliate platforms where you can sign up and start promoting the offers.

Note: The difficult task is getting accepted as an affiliate in CPA network, The verification process takes a lot of time and you need to verify your credibility.

One of simplest yet effective way to monetize email list is by selling clicks. Only few email marketers now about this monetization. The earning is directly proportional to the size of your email list. The larger the size of your email list the better are your profits.

In this, you have to signup with solo ads platform like Clickonomy and find a vendor who will offer you his link and just broadcast the email with the link to the email list. Just check your Open rates and CTR for the campaign and get paid.The more the CTR the better are the earnings and the estimated earning per link click vary from $ 0.5 to $ 0.8 . This is best to start with if you are having a list size of 5000 subscribers.

This is the highest profitable way to monetize email list. You can start your own e-commerce website and start selling your own product initially by buying traffic from advertisement networks with every sale you make in your store you will get a valid primary email.Unlike lead generating pages possibility of getting secondary email is very high because people won’t trust you. In a case of selling your own products traffic comes to your real company website and when you find visitors are buying from your online store you have already won the trust and definitely, buyers will give their primary email.

The Open Rate, CTR, and Conversion rate will be pretty high because they trust you and your buyers are eagerly waiting for your new product launches.

Top DSLR Camera for Beginner – Bundle Starter Kit

Photography for some people is not about business. it is about a hobby. Sometimes you can’t make any decision which camera should I use, what kind of lens, wide or telephoto or prime lens. Photography is about learning and practising. The journey of learning has kept continue along your life.

If you are beginner in photography field, Starting from nothing in photography a bit painful if you do not have anything in your camera bag or even you do not have camera bag either The best solution is finding the DSLR Camera for beginner with the reasonable price.

When more sophisticated cameras such as digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) become mainstream, almost everyone who owns it wants to be a photographer. However, true photography professionals know that photographs are different from photographs. Lighting, composition, and style are not learned overnight. Even those who have what is called eye for photography need more than passion and equipment to build a career in this field. So what else do you need to drop the amateur title? Photography course.

Formal studies can make a big difference. Camera guidebooks might introduce you at shutter speed and shutter speed, but a photography training course will teach you how to use it to produce the effect you want. Courses vary by level and area of ​​specialization, eg photojournalism, commercial photography and black and white photography. DSLR for Beginner courses are recommended if you have not taken any photography lessons. At least it should include modules in camera, lighting and style.

Good photography education needs to be put into practice. This is the only way to improve your technical skills. Never underestimate technical ability because even the most expensive equipment will not be an asset if you do not know how to maximize its outstanding features. So take your camera and try taking photos as often as possible. Attend together with my friends? Be an unofficial photographer. Family and friends are usually the first to appreciate or criticize your work.

Creativity also completes the photography certificate course. Even one subject, when captured by different photographers will not produce the same photo. Why? This is because photographers have different levels of creativity. Therefore, make your creativity flow and do not be afraid to experiment. Look for inspiration but be careful not to imitate. There are many exercises to expel your creativity in photography and most of this is as simple as shooting sessions with your pet.

Canon EOS Rebel most DSLR favourite all the time used in the photographic industry. The canon T6 camera bundle is perfect if you have a minimal budget for starter kit photography.

This another option Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR camera bundle. The main difference you have another telephoto lens and several different on the bundle.

This Bundle Includes

• Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR Camera with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II Lens

• EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Lens

• W/ Total of 64 GB

• Xpix Table top Tripod

• FiberTique Cloth

• Deluxe Accessory Bundle

Nikon D3400 also most favourite for entry level photographer. This bundle is excellent with many kits includes such double SD Card, Telephoto lens, tripod. Yeah… you are ready to go for shooting.

This Bundle Includes

• Nikon D3400 DSLR Camera (Black),

• AF-P DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR Lens

• AF-P DX NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED Lens

• EN-EL14A Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery for Select Nikon Cameras

• 2 x 32GB SD Card

• 0.43x High Definition Wide Angle Lens

• 2.2x High Definition Tele Lens

• 3 Piece Filter Kit (Ultraviolet (UV) Filter/ Circular Polarizer (CPL) Filter/ Fluorescent (FL-D) Filter)

• Hand Strap, Slave Flash

• Camera Shoulder Bag

• 3 Section 59″ Tripod (with case)

• UV Filter, Fiber Cloth, 3Pc Cleaning Kit

• 2 Screen Protectors

• Dust Blower

• Lens Cleaning Pen and Memory Card Case.

Canon EOS Rebel T5 are sibling on Rebel T6. Have no a big different in term of technology in the new model. But in term of item include on this bundle is nearly perfect for kick starter.

Nikon D5600 released in 2016. Even this model a little bit older, but it also still superb decision making if you are looking for a starter kit DSLR Camera for beginner.

Canon EOS Rebel T7i released in 2017. It’s also known as Canon EOS 800D (International), EOS Kiss X9i (Japan) version. This bundle excellent choice with many items supplied with the reasonable price. It’s pretty cheap compare buy basic kit alone.

This Bundle Includes

• Canon EOS Rebel T7i DSLR Camera

• Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM Lens

• Canon Battery Charger

• Canon Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

• Canon Camera Neck Strap

• Deluxe Camera Backpack Case

• Automatic Flash with LED Video Light – Features adjustable zoom and orientations, high

• range, auto exposure and more.

• Pro Series Deluxe Battery Grip

• 2x Sandisk 32GB memory card. – Twice As Fast As Ordinary SDHC Cards.

• Commander Wireless Remote

• Commander High Speed Memory Card Reader – SD & microSD Compatible, Portable Design

• Commander 3PC Filter Kit (1xUV, 1xFLD, 1xCPL)

• Commander 0.43x Super Wide Angle Aux Lens. Gives you a wide frame in addition to the main lens

• Commander 2.2x Telephoto Aux Lens. Get double the normal zoom with this auxiliary lens.

• Commander 4 Pcs Macro Close-Up Kit (+1, +2, +4, +10 )

• Extra AC/DC Car/Home Worldwide Battery Charger

• 50 Inch Tripod

• Tulip Lens Hood

• Commander Hand Grip Strap

• Air Blower and Cleaning Brush

• Starter Cleaning Kit

• Lens Cap Keeper

• USB cable for easy picture & video sharing.

Web and Mobile App Development

Get a Ride:

Island Club was designed after a lot of community consultation to provide transport on the Southern Moreton Bay Islands; it is integrated with a front-end mobile application that allows passengers (or club members) to contact drivers by providing their names and details in order to contact drivers and organise a lift. The front end application is currently undergoing redevelopment in order to deploy to both iOS and Android, and a remodelling of the conditions to ensure greater privacy for passengers and drivers is assured. The contact details and location of the passenger is stored in a mongoDB Atlas server, deployed on Heroku, and uses Parse to communicate between the front end and the server. It is a scalable application, and also integrates a payment gateway through the website. This is a work in progress, and undergoing user testing and feedback. This site is Twitter Bootstrap, CSS, and HTML. Secure Socket layers for e-commerce and PayPal payment gateway integration has been integrated. Visit Site

Lori V Orford is an international novelist. Her site is designed to be mobile responsive, and readers and fans can follow here live Instagram feed, so the site is updated live. Rather than a blog, fans can engage on a live visual platform. We have also made provision for fans to enjoy the website more by providing free downloadable content via a music EP, to provided a value added and content engaging quality user experience. She was the art director on her Zoolander themed, graffiti art photography shoot, and is keen to further explore personal branding with the integration of a range of merchandise that will go with both her music and books. To look at Lori’s website please go to Lori V Orford. This site was creating using HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap. It also features graphic art and photography art direction by Lori Woodward (Orford).

For Your Little Princess

For Your Little Princess Australia is a bespoke gift boutique based in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. Weena hand makes each and every product, and her website has been designed to reflect the delicate chantilly lace effect and lightly feminine shabby chic style vibe. A number of widgets have been included on Weena’s site, including a live Instagram feed so that clients can view her product range as it is updated. We have been working to get Weena a professional website to stand her out from the crowd of people who craft handmade gifts, and this lifts her well above her competition. Weena now has her items being sold in retail stores in Brisbane. This is a definite success story that has fused both business acumen and web design. Weena is also keen to learn more about HTML and managing her own site, and education services have been provided in addition to Weena’s site. This helps her to feel empowered and gives real ownership and personalisation to her experience. You can view Weena’s website here: For Your Little Princess Australia.The site was created using HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap and features graphic design by Lori Woodward.

Gunny’s Locksmith Service approached Almond Digital in July 2015 prior to the formal establishment of the company for a website, and the latest website for this company focuses on a fast loading, very simple mobile responsive site design. It is designed to be clean, simple and have multiple calls-to-action on the site, encouraging clients to call through immediately. The site is an HTML5/CSS3/Twitter Bootstrap site, and features both stock images, and also photography by Lori Woodward. For more information, please visit the site at: Gunnys Locksmith Service. Gunny’s Locksmith Service also had an automated Google Adwords campaign set up, and has a comprehensively designed SEO package.