Content on TechZwn comes from our own staff and contributors. We welcome submissions for features articles and short stories. To see what we’re interested in, please read the guidelines below.

Broadly, we do not post content relating to sexuality, extreme violence, or religion. We will make an exception to any of these if the story is about human rights, but check with us first.


We are interested in stories regarding video games, technology, books, and films. We prefer stories that highlight the people behind these types of projects. For example, an interview with an author talking about their writing style, a game developer describing what makes their game unique, or a hacker talking about developing a floppy disk drive that plays the imperial march song from Star Wars.

Having an interview is highly recommended, but not required. We do, however, require you to clearly cite your sources.

Short Stories:

We publish short, speculative fiction that falls under science fiction and fantasy. All genres and sub-genres are accepted. We are particularly interested in lost/forgotten genres such as Dream Fiction (stories you might see written by Lord Dunsany), as well as science fiction that has some deep philosophical core, or stories that touch on the strange or fantastic. We are also suckers for heroic tales and epic fantasy.

We are not interested in horror, rape, or anything overly dark. We are also not interested in stories that follow the “character goes somewhere, kills something, the end” model. Sparkly vampires will make us shriek and immediately delete your email.

We’re all hopeless romantics at TechZwn. We love poetic writing and authors who try new things. We are less concerned about strict genres, and more interested in stories that are profound or just fun to read.


We are interested in feature stories between 300 and 2,000 words. We are interested in short stories between 500 and 5,000 words. If you want to write something longer, please send us a query explaining your story along with the first page of the story.

Payment & Rights:

While we hope to be able to offer professional compensation in the future, we are currently not able to pay for submissions. By sending us your stories, you grant first serial rights and electronic rights (permission to post the story on the website). The writer maintains the rights to submit, publish, and sell their work elsewhere.

How to Submit:

Please send your feature story or manuscript in standards manuscript format, as an attachment (.doc, .docx, or .rtf) to Your subject line should begin with “Submission” and then include the title of your story. For example “Submission: Grand Visions On the Lonely Mountain.” If you don’t use the correct subject line, it won’t get picked up by our filter and may never be seen. We want to read your story, so please take note of this.

We do not accept simultaneous submissions (sending your story to us and other publications at the same time). It gets too mixed up.

We do accept multiple submissions. So if you have several stories, send them our way.

Please do not send rewrites unless we send you a direct request.

Response Time:

We try to respond to all submissions within three weeks. If it takes longer than three weeks, it’s fine to query us using the submissions email. Please write “Query” as your subject line, followed by the name of your story.