What Happens If The Company Does Not Have A Specialized It Recruitment Process?

Large IT companies can have a large department of human resources, however the degree of specialization that this department sometimes has is not deep enough to search and locate precisely the competencies needed to form an IT team that really responds to the demand of the company, this is not usually a lack of “attention” to this issue, but being an HR area responsible for the entire company, it typically handle most of its recruitment processes in the same way. Unfortunately, for the IT areas, this is not something that always works.

What Is The Specialized It Recruitment?

“The real specialty of an IT recruitment does not mean receiving a CV, knowing the candidates’ certifications or knowing about the required courses, what companies in the sector really require or those companies where their operating center is located in IT, is a recruiting team with the ability to validate the knowledge and skills of the candidate, understand the language in which he speaks and detect through highly incisive questions, if the candidate knows, knows and really uses the necessary tools to cover the position requested; you need people with a deep knowledge of IT, “said Mónica Cabrera, from Randstad Mexico.

Given the detail that this implies, it could sometimes be more than cumbersome to carry out a process of selection of IT personnel exclusively for a specific project or implementation, resulting in some cases more expensive the process of an appropriate selection than the recruitment itself , having to implement new processes, which may have to be modified for the next project.

And What To Do?

Faced with such challenges of an adequate and above all efficient recruitment process, an option of administration and management of recruitment, whether for temporary or fixed hiring, is the support of a business partner capable of supporting the demands that this implies, such as It is specialized recruitment, payroll management, clear and personalized attention, handling of different types of contracts, among other things.

According to Mónica Cabrera, certain essential aspects to consider for the process of selecting, hiring, and managing IT personnel, either through a supplier or internally in each company, are the following:

Know clearly what is the profile that is required, what points are a priority and indispensable to cover for the vacancy (for example: what skills or salaries are needed).

Analyze What The Selection Process Will Be.

To know if the personnel in charge of the recruitment understands and knows the tools, certifications, and competencies that the company requires.

Consult with the Human Resources area or with the provider of this service, what selection processes will be applied for the different vacancies, remember that the vacancies are various, as well as the competencies that you need from the people in each position.

Know what tests or questionnaires will be applied for the election of the candidates. To avoid losses of time or money, it must be verified that the candidate knows and manages the requested tools.

If your selection, contracting and administration process is carried out by an outsourcing company, you must know if it complies with all legal requirements (look for member companies that validate this point, such as AMECH).

It is essential to know if the HR area or the provider clearly explains to the candidates under which scheme they will be hired (by project, by fixed or indefinite time, among others).