TechZwn is an online magazine founded in the idea that the gaming industry is in a constant state of change. We want to add perspective to these changes. With each edition, we present a clear picture of the state of games, the industry, and the people who make it all happen.

We also love games. We enjoy games that are original, that do something unique, but we also just love games that are fun. We try to find games like this, and tell you why they’re awesome.


How are magazines relevant in the age of the Internet? Rather than wait for the next issue of Nintendo Power to get our walkthroughs, we just use Google or watch a Let’s Play video. Gaming news is instant. And game reviews can be found just about everywhere. The industry has, in many ways, outgrown the magazines we once loved.

TechZwn is founded on the idea that gamers have also grown. We approach gaming as a large and relevant culture, one that is mature and artistic, yet understands the value of play.

We view games as an artistic realm—forms of interactive storytelling, and are among the few places where people can participate in collective play regardless of language, nationality, or belief.

Why TechZwn?

Our name, “TechZwn,” is a play on “technology,” “pwn,” and “zone.” We believe it reflects the intersection of technology and competitive play–whether against a computer or another player–in the virtual realm that is gaming.