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Review: Xeodrifter

METROID LITE Red suit. Glowing visor. Gunplay, upgrades, and platforming exploration across a vast alien terrain. No, this is not Samus Aran’s vengeful hunt of the Metroids. This quest is a far more...

Hand of Fate: Preview

Hand of Fate is a surprisingly good game. That's "surprising" not because I had low expectations, but because I thought the game looked very good and was surprised that it surpassed even that expectation. It...

Space Hulk Ascension Edition: Review

The secret of all great military units throughout history has been in their ability to attack and defend as one. The Spartans and Roman Legionaries locked shields. Special forces of today's world have complex...

Review: Wings! Remastered Edition

I never had a chance to play the original Wings! but it's one of many games that pulls on the strings of nostalgia for many-a-geek, and it's a game that was recently remastered and re-released. Wings! is...

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