If there is any skill that many men have lost touch with today, it’s the skill of game. I’m not talking about “game” as in video games, but the “game” you use when making yourself appealing to women.

How many men were taught how to not appear awkward when speaking with girls? How many have gone on a limb only to be rejected, and still got up to try again? How many know what women regard as “creepy” or overly forceful?

There are only two ways to learn these skills: painful trial and error; or to find a guy willing to mentor you.

Lucky for us, that second option is now available, through a new “game” video game from seduction guru Richard La Ruina. His game, “Super Seducer,” is available on Steam, and takes players through a series of live action scenarios, and presents them with multiple dialogue choices; with many funny and interesting scenarios, followed with feedback from Ruina.

Now, we should start with a brief disclaimer: this is not some freaky anime girl game. There are no explicit scenes in “Super Seducer.” And this is smooth James Bond-esque game, not annoying club meathead game. Most of what Ruina shows are skills anyone could use, whether you’re trying to find a girlfriend, or just learning to more effectively interact with women.

The game is split into multiple levels, each of which is a different scenario with a different girl. One has you approaching a girl at a coffee shop. Another has you introducing yourself and starting a conversation with a girl on the street. Another scenario, which many guys could likely benefit from, is about getting out of the friendzone.

The acting in Super Seducer is surprisingly good, and Ruina is a blast to watch. Many of the dialogue choices are things that many men would likely do or say, and watching Ruina act these out is sometimes hilarious, and always informative.

Also, between each dialogue scene, the game shifts to a short video from Ruina who grades your choice, and gives feedback on your decision. This can be very helpful. Maybe you have a set way of approaching women they find odd or creepy, and for some reason you just haven’t been able to spot it. Super Seducer can help point those issues out. Even guys who have no problems with women could likely benefit from this.

While I would warn men away from using women, I think Super Seducer can bring something of value. It’s a good tutorial on how men can be more masculine, more confident, and more outgoing.

You could get through “Super Seducer” in around four hours, but it has surprisingly good replay value, mainly because you may want to watch how other dialogue choices play out. After you complete a scenario you can also go back and watch the feedback clips individually.

With all this said, I think the name of the game is a bit unfortunate. Maybe the concept of “seduction training” can draw in some users, but the guys who could likely use this the most—those who have been friendzoned, who lack confidence, or lack confidence to approach a girl they like—may unfortunately overlook it just for the name. But don’t be fooled. This isn’t some creep game. Super Seducer contains a surprisingly valuable set of videos, and many good lessons that I’d imagine men in the past would have taught their sons.

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  1. Kenna

    John Mahoney, the disgraced father in “Say Anything” and the weary older seducer in “Moonstruck” as well as other roles, another omission. Who in holy hell puts this together? Can’t they hire someone who’s been around a while and knows movie history?


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