The much-anticipated “Space Hulk: Deathwing” was released on Dec. 15, yet the otherwise great game is getting a mixed reaction due to poor performance optimization, even on high-end rigs.

It’s unclear exactly what the problem is, but several gamers suggested it’s a CPU issue, with all cores firing at 90-100%. Dropping graphics to their bare-bone settings also don’t seem to fix things.

The problem seems to have been around for a bit. Early access players mentioned a similar problem in November, where performance would drop to a crawl or even freeze at times, even for players who claim their PC specs meet the recommended requirements.

It’s likely the problem will be resolved with a future patch, and the developers may have released it before working out all the bugs, because they wanted to get it on the market ahead of Christmas.

We have a full review in store, but we’ll be holding off until it gets a performance patch. For now, it’s buy at your own risk.

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