I tried a few times to get into Warmachines Tactics, but something about it was never quite able to pull me in—and I don’t seem to be alone in this. The game currently has a 6/10 rating on Steam, and overall “mixed” reviews.

It’s a pity, really, since the game has great graphics, great environments, great character designs, and a deep system of lore that pulls from the related tabletop game.

Unfortunately, it also has a clunky interface, odd camera issues, confusing tooltips, and very optimization. These elements all work together to make the combat feel confusing and unpolished. And again, it’s really too bad. Warmachine Tactics has all the pieces of a great game, but they just didn’t come together very well.

Meanwhile, it also has a fairly poor AI system that eliminates any sense of strategy. Maps feel like shooting galleries until the enemies run close enough for you to melee attack.

While hardcore fans of the Warmachine tabletop may be able to soldier through these shortcomings, there are just too many great turn-based strategy games on the market for this one to hold up—and anyone coming from games like XCOM or Battle Brothers, is likely to be sorely disappointed.


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