Submerged is an odd little game that takes place in a flooded city, where you’ll need to sail about and scale the protruding tops of buildings to get medical supplies for your ill brother.

The third-person game has no combat, and no dialogue. It relies on beauty and a sense of wonder to carry you through it—and it does a very good job on these points. This game is gorgeous, by all means, and while there isn’t much in terms of action or complex moves, the wonder of the environments and the beauty that fills them should be enough to carry most gamers through to the end.

I found Submerged vaguely reminiscent of Ico on the PS2—only without the combat. It tells a story without dialogue, and pulls you into its world by weaving a sense mystery and wonder.

This isn’t a long game. Expect to complete it in about six hours or so. And it also doesn’t have much in the ways of action, or even much variation in terms of gameplay. You sail through a submerged city, climb a generally direct path to the tops of specific buildings, and recover items to advance the story.

It’s not a game that everyone will like, but if you go in with the right expectations, it’s unlikely you’ll be disappointed. Submerged is a story, told solely through the feelings it evokes.


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