With so many options available finding that right game can take a while, that’s why we have compiled what we think are some of the best iOS games of 2016 that you can download right now.

When you speak to anyone about their games list the most important features are fun, games that are challenging and diversity. Of course downloading your favourite games or app is what makes your mobile phone so personal to you, and whether you are into travel, budgeting, fighting zombies or playing at bingosites.uk there is a great deal of choice out there.

So in no particular order here is few of the top games that range from the classics to exciting new adventure games and those that will appeal to the fans of rhythm games.


Developer: Joel McDonald Price £2.99

Simple to pick up PRUNE is actually a puzzle game with complexity, a brilliant soundtrack that matches your progress really well and is one of those games that is perfect for playing in short bursts. PRUNES structure is not typical of the normal video game as you have no score to beat or chase, there is no time limit or any other way of rating your performance, and you either fail or succeed, but then if you do fail one too many times PRUNE also allows you to skip a stage. This simple concept lets us remember than sometimes less is more. PRUNE tasks you to slice through a plant at it heads towards the light, making sure it keeps on the right track is one of those games that really does understand how mobile gamers want to play.


Developer: Amazon Game Studios, Price £2.99

Tales from Deep Space is another ambitious mobile game from Amazon Game Studios and this is partly because it has been developed by UK Frontier Developments giving Tales from Deep Space that great feel of quality. As a travelling salesman you find yourself mixed up in revolution on the Big Moon Space Station. With sharp visual and quality design which includes your luggage being replaced with a talking briefcase, Tales From Deep Space combines touch-based gameplay that challenges you without being too taxing. One other thing that really made us smile was that travelling salesman E is far too cute.


Developer: Outerminds, Price £3.99

With its brilliant level design, a well thought out difficulty level, excellent soundtrack and retro style visuals combined with great humour and not dominated by its license, PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist has become a major YouTube star alongside his adorable pugs, and this superbly crafted platformer is set to run for a long, long time.

Other Games to Check Out Include:


Developer: Laser Dog Games, Price £2.99.

A celebration of reaction-based arcade gameplay straight to your iPhone


Developer: Big Bucket, Price £2.49.

Landed on the app store back in 2014 and has become a classic that oozes retro charm boasting excellent visuals and a great soundtrack.


Developer: Acid Nerve, Price £2.29.

When paint brushes and buckets of paint meet there is sure to be a big splash and with obstructions to stop or puncture the paint buckets you must find a safe route to your goal. With goofy characters this colourful game is sure to bring a smile to your face.


Developer: Supercell, Price Free + IAP.

Clash Royale has a way or worming its way into your heart with its unpredictability and excitement married with a need for strategy, it’s no wonder this game is proving so popular.

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