“I have always been a mover,” says DC area based actress Rebecca Hausman. “I tend to gravitate toward physical roles and physical shows. I wouldn’t say I prefer physical and action-oriented works over more dramatic ones, but I am very excited by action packed projects.”

Hausman has caused plenty of excitement for herself, fans, and viewers with her prolific activities over the last year. She’s been filming for Dirt Old Superstition, in which she plays the leading role, Tawna Gerter, and she’s also starred as Abigail in the action-packed, sword-swinging webseries Swords of Insurgency. She’s been involved in several theater productions in the DC area, to include playing Tilly in the fantasy production “She Kills Monsters.” If that wasn’t enough to keep most people busy, Hausman has also modeled for the Sucker Punched 2.0 project.

While recently being a mover has involved swinging swords, crawling through storm drain pipes, wielding crossbows, and fighting bad guys, Hausman’s earliest movements had been for classical ballet training. While she enjoyed dancing, she realized that acting gave her a far greater ability to tell stories, and she switched disciplines while at the North Carolina School of the Arts. She became involved in theater productions, and starred in the 2011 horror short Cougars, but it was really in the last year that things have taken off for Rebecca Hausman.

“It’s been an exciting year,” she says. “I’ve been really lucky with the filming schedule of Swords of Insurgency as it left room for me to work on other projects. I’m truly happy with the pace of work right now; it’s what I love to do so I feel very lucky to be busy. We are in the process of getting funding for Swords of Insurgency and I hope to start working on episode two shortly after funding comes in, and Dirt Old Superstition is filming as we speak. Of course, I always want to be working on more, but I am happy with the way things are shaping up.”

Swords of Insurgency is an important project for Hausman, not only because she has the lead role in an exciting series, but also because of the valuable fight training she received working with the DC Stunt Coalition during the production.

“While I had weapons training through the SAFD and martial arts training through various teachers, I had never had the opportunity to work on fight choreography for film,” Hausman says, referring to her Society of American Fight Directors certifications for dagger and rapier, as well as other hand-to-hand combat proficiencies. “Swords of Insurgency gave me a platform to further my combat skills and learn more about on-screen fighting. It also gave me the opportunity to learn some new fighting styles that are appropriate to my character Abi and to the film genre.”

Though today Hausman plays Abi as the lead in Swords of Insurgency, this was a role she wasn’t really intended to have. “Originally the lead role for Swords of Insurgency was a male named Ulick,” says Swords of Insurgency director and producer Michael Neal. “While looking for a male actor to play Ulick, I received a submission from Rebecca Hausman. After looking at her resume, head shot and reel I was really impressed and offered her a role on the spot.”

Neal was looking for a mover, and he loved what he found in Hausman.

“Rebecca’s experience with stage combat, sword certifications, stage and film acting, and especially her dance/movement background convinced me she was the most qualified person to apply for the project,” Neal remembers. “It also convinced me that the lead role needed to be changed to female due to this. I was not disappointed when Rebecca started training and practicing with us, it was clear she was the right person… She did not complain when crawling through the gross muck of storm drain pipes, muddy creek beds and a prison cell floor which appeared like it had never been cleaned since the facility was closed down years ago.”

While Hausman enjoys exciting and action-packed roles like Abi, she’s well rounded enough to play a range of roles. “I look forward to the opportunity to work on more dramatic work and dig into the psychology of a character that isn’t necessarily a bad-ass action role,” she says.

Hausman’s latest project, Dirt Old Superstition, may see a departure from her sword-swinging ways for a different type of role. “Dirt Old Superstition is a fantasy webseries that focuses on a small bewitched town called Oasis,” Hausman reveals. “Tawnya is a mischievous witch in Oasis who enjoys playing with the residents, causing harmless accidents that make the small town more interesting for her. She eventually teams up with a Paranormal Investigator to uncover more sinister forces at work.”

As lead characters, Tawnya and Abi have been great roles for Hausman’s career, but perhaps one of her most enjoyable characters has been Jade, the fierce, crossbow-wielding ranger for Sucker Punched, a project by Fight Guy Photography that celebrates strong women and raises funds for the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network.

“I always enjoy working with Fight Guy Photo’s Craig Lawrence and look forward to future modeling projects with him,” Hausman says. “Sucker Punched was great because Craig really gave us the opportunity to create our own characters. When I first signed on to do Sucker Punched the only thing I asked for was a crossbow. Once I had that Jade really grew into what she is today. Having the forum to create my own super hero character for print was a new experience and a really wonderful opportunity. “

With so many strong, hardcore roles on her resume, Hausman had a little trouble deciding which of her characters would emerge victorious if all of them were placed together and had to fight it out. “Tough question,” she concedes. “Both Abi and Jade are incredibly intense and somewhat solitary. They have something pushing them to win and survive that the others don’t necessarily have. Tawyna does have powers, but she doesn’t have the fire in her gut that Abi and Jade have. Tilly is really just a child and in life couldn’t stand up for herself, it was in her imagination that she was the heroine. It would really end in a showdown between Abi and Jade, and I’m not sure who would walk out alive. I would probably be cheering for Jade. I feel a strong connection to her as I created her fully, rather than being cast as a character and finding her.”

While Hausman has been quite busy with her various roles this last year, she still has plenty of movement to keep her busy in the near future. “Dirt Old Superstition is still in production, and we should have the first three episodes out sometime next year,” she says. “Swords of Insurgency is up on Kickstarter now. With a donation of $10 you can watch the first episode! I have a theater project this fall with the Women’s Voices Festival that I start working on shortly, and another this Winter that I am very excited about with Next Stop Theater in Herndon.”

Rebecca Hausman has certainly been a mover this past year, much to the delight of her fans, but there is still one big move left for her as she follows her dreams to bigger and better things. “The dream would be sustaining a full life with acting alone. I would like to be able to have a family one day and financially support myself through acting. I’ll be heading out to LA within the next year and from there who knows. I plan to continue working and growing in the industry and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon.”


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