Smart home owners are already familiar with the conveniences of having a unified source of control for the entire home. Want to close the blinds because you are coming home early and do not want the house to be too hot upon arrival? No problem, simply close the blinds an hour or two before leaving the office and you’re golden. Want to make sure that your locks have not been tampered with while you are on another continent on holiday with your family? Have always connected security status updates for peace of mind, no matter how far away you are. And if it’s something simpler, like you do not feel like getting out of bed to turn off the lights, TV, or sound system, guess what? You are in luck if you only have your phone or tablet nearby.

This represents just a small sample size of the capabilities of a smart home; the only thing we know for sure is that these capabilities will gradually increase over time as our homes become more embedded with technology. And for those of you concerned about the security of smart homes, just know that these worries are largely exaggerated. Now is the perfect time to invest in the future of your home, and doing that with smart home technology will allow you to leverage what Apple and Android continue to invest in while also letting you raise the value of property, in case you plan to sell house fast in the future and relocate.

If iOS 9 is successful, it will change the way we think of our smart homes, not just the way we interact with them. Our homes become an extension of that which resides in our pocket, a button’s press away from manipulating to your liking. Only the future – and Apple – knows what lies in store for the future of this technology, but it seems like possibilities are limitless. With Siri, Apple could allow the user to control disparate smart home products while also having the ability to target users with ads for smart home products and devices.

If all a dedicated Home app does is simply serve to help set up the disparate devices that connect to HomeKit, it would benefit Apple owners, and potentially be another reason to own an Apple device. Likely, it will set the standard for the competition to come; expect to see Android make moves to match this kind of basic integration with the future standard of technology in the domicile.


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