There should be a stronger divide between a “DLC” and an “Expansion.” A DLC could mean you’re buying anything from an extra perk to a few new levels. An Expansion is more like a whole new game that just uses the same engine as the base game. The upcoming Bringer of Sorrow DLC for Space Hulk Ascension sounds a lot more like an Expansion.

The DLC gives players control over units of Dark Angel Deathwings. It includes over 25 hours of new content, with 20 story missions, 20 flash missions, a new Space Hulk, and a full story-based campaign written by Graeme Lyon from Black Library. It focuses on a Tyranid attack on the planet Corinthe.

It also b rings Plasma Cannons, which shoot huge fireballs with splash damage, and a new Apothecary class that supports defensive play styles by bolstering the resolve of nearby Terminators.

“Dark Angels have been at the top of the community’s most wanted list since we launched Ascension, so we wanted to do something really special for their Space Hulk debut,” said Thomas Hentschel Lund, CEO of Full Control, in a press release. “The Dark Angels introduce two awesome unique traits – the Plasma Cannon and an all new Apothecary class.”

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