We’re just weeks in to the New Year; and already 2015 is shaping up to be a good year for gamers. Here we’ll discuss the greatest new and upcoming releases for January – along with. Christmas may be over, and the world returned to damp winter gloom, but we’re sure you’ll find something here to lift the apathy.

We’ll start with Elite: Dangerous; technically not a 2015 release; it hit stores on December 16th. However the buzz created by the latest installment of this hugely popular space sim franchise easily justifies its inclusion in this list. In Elite you start of as the captain of a small starship with a mandate to survive in a scientifically created, open world, Milky Way with over 400 billion explorable star systems.

Elite shares some basic mechanics with Eve: Online – as well as the incredibly steep learning curve for beginners. You begin with a small, weak Sidewinder class ship and it will be many hours before you can save enough from grinding out trading missions before you can afford anything better. As you progress you learn new skills and outfit your ship with specialised equipment – storage space for traders and miners, weapons for bounty hunters or long range scanners for miners and explorers. Elite incorporates sophisticated dog fighting mechanics – making for some beautiful and intense space battles, skilled pilots can turn Flight Assist off and revel in the accurate Newtonian physics!


January has brought a new DLC release for Assassins Creed: Unity (ACU); for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Dead Kings is free to all players, as an apology for bugs and other issues which affected the game on release. Dead Kings unveils a whole new gameplay area and interesting stealth based missions, as you creep through the catacombs of Franciade to thwart a group of tomb raiders. Die hard fans will lap up the hours of new playable content, but there are no huge improvements to the gameplay or story – which still see Arno clamber across similar rooftops, pushing past overly repeated NPCs; who occasionally walk over one another or otherwise bug out.

We round off with the latest addition to the Saints Row series: Gat out of Hell. Frankly it can’t be described as a massive step up from its predecessor (Saints Row IV), visually at least. However it does bring what most of its fans want: a whimsical, violent, borderline obscene shoot em up with absurd storylines (Kinzie and Gat drive to hell and save the President); and fun gameplay which includes various upgradeable superpowers.

As the console wars reach a decisive stage in 2015 we can expect a lot of top notch releases – and have got some already! Be sure to check back for more new releases, news and interviews released daily.

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