You’ve seen how enjoyable they were in Final Fantasy VII’s Gold Saucer, and in Final Fantasy XIII. A few (thousand) rounds on a slot machine is a great way to relieve stress after hours of fighting monster hordes trying to level grind your way to the top. However, what developers seem to fail to have grasped is that if the slot games are so enjoyable as a bonus feature in Final Fantasy, they’d also be enjoyable as real slot machines online or in casinos.

The idea came to mind after observing how modern slot machines are being made today. Doing a quick Google search about the early models of slot machines will show you that in the past, they all look the same. Old slot machines are just about matching fruit symbols and that’s it. Today, they are very much different as a lot of mechanics are involved. Modern slots have touch screen commands, arcade-like game play, and themes that are based on films and comic book idols. In fact, some online slot machines also follow the same concept of innovation, with Spin Genie, one of the newer online slot websites out there, integrating adventure-type gaming into classic slot machine gaming.

With these trends, wouldn’t it be great to have Final Fantasy slot game? Here are two reasons why the franchise will be a hit in brick-and-mortar casinos and online:

It has memorable characters

Clouds and Squalls are types of atmospheric disturbances. But if you mention those names to gamers, what will most likely come to their mind aren’t related to weather but instead two of the most popular characters in the Final Fantasy world.

Final Fantasy VII and VIII both have huge a fanbase and those that played them as teenagers back in ’97 are all of legal age now. And that’s just two characters among the hundreds of lovable individuals in the Final Fantasy universe. Each installment of Final Fantasy have a big following and putting them as themes on slot machines will most likely draw huge crowds.

They have the best gaming soundtrack

Who doesn’t get moved after hearing the launching sound of the Ragnarok spaceship tune or perhaps feel motivated after listening to Final Fantasy IX’s You are Not Alone theme? Not only does the Final Fantasy franchise have a myriad of great sounds but it’s also home to award winning songs. Nobuo Uematsu, one of the franchise’s composer, has been named as one of the innovators” in Time Magazine‘s “Time 100: The Next Wave – Music” feature. Nobuo Uematsu’s style to making Final Fantasy’s music is both engaging and diverse, which are perfect as slot machine sounds.

In a study by the University of Waterloo, researchers have concluded that music plays an important role in making people engaged in playing slot games for long periods of time.  With Final Fantasy’s music collection, slot developers wouldn’t have a hard time finding some that they can use in the development of their slots.

Hopefully, in the future, a Final Fantasy slot game would be made. With a lot of lovable characters, award-winning soundtracks, and graphics that are obviously groundbreaking, Final Fantasy slots would no doubt quickly become fan favorites of slot enthusiasts.

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