Remember the days when first person shooters were just about having fun? There was a time when weapon drops were plentiful, your character wore an entire arsenal of guns on his back, and you roamed around levels blasting baddies in the face until they were driven before you and the lamentation of their women filled your ears.

Those days were gone—lost to the modern FPS where you follow around a pre-programmed top-tiered special ops dude who got to have all the fun. Yet, I bring news from afar, a ripple in the void of the waning genre.

Rise of the Triad just got Steam Workshop integration with its 1.5 update. It may not sound significant, but have a look at what gamers are building with Rise of the Triad. Here’s a remake of Doom. Here’s Goldeneye. That’s just the beginning of what’s to come.

Still not convinced? Check out this announcement video that looks like it came straight from the 90s:

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