Did you ever just feel like smashing something? Sure you have. That’s why games like Angry Birds are so popular. Nothing relieves stress quite like lobbing a flurry of burning projectiles at an otherwise grand piece of architecture—especially when realistic physics are involved.

The developers at Spiderling may be onto something. They’re teasing images and clips of their upcoming game, Besiege. It’s a game that apparently revolves entirely around building large siege engines and trying to crush, blow up, or just crash into castles and watching as chaos ensues. It looks awesome.


Of course, what’s a castle without brave knights to protect it? Besiege has that covered also. You’ll be facing off with the brave defenders of these buildings, which include swordsmen, archers, and cannoneers, as you pave a path to destruction on the grand road to victory. They’ll try to tie your machine down with ropes, blow it up, or burn it to the ground. It’s up to you to stop them—in style.

You can build flying machines, bomb-loaded doom cars, windmill-armed Mr. Stabby carts, and whatever else you can conjure up. The environment is fully destructible, and while it’s not clear what these dudes have done to you, it’ll be up to you to cripple their castles, cut down their soldiers, and trample their livestock.

Besiege is still in development and there’s no current release date, but this one may be worth keeping an eye on.

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