We have 15 keys in all for the Mush Beta, and it’s first come, first serve!

The browser-based multiplayer game has you and 15 others as crewmembers of the rebel spaceship, Daedalus. Yet someone onboard is actually a shapeshifting parasite alien called a “Mush,” and you and the rest of the crew need to figure out who it is.

The problem? As you search for the Mush, it will be busy sabotaging, infecting, and killing off players one by one. It could be anyone. It could even be you.

So, get ready for some sci-fi paranoia reminiscent of “The Thing,” and grab a beta key. There are three below, but each is good for 5 accounts (please one per person).


Mush Key (5): mp92rk3bkxt
Mush Key (5): mp9upfNE7xj
Mush Key (6): mp9eFa2o6wx

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