Wargame is what you get when you take the best of a grand strategy and merge it with the best of an RTS. It’s a game that lives up to its “strategy” label by allowing players to use creative and complex tactics.

So with that said, players will have a new battlefield at their fingertips in the upcoming Wargame Red Dragon as naval battles make their way into the fray.

Players of Air-Land battle should recall that ships did play a role in the single-player grand strategy screen. But they weren’t usable when players jumped into up-close battles.

Wargame Red Dragon takes place in Asia between 1975 and 1991. It adds five new nations, which include China and North Korea. Players will also get 450 new units, including ships on oceans and rivers. This will bring the number of units to 1,300.

The new single-player campaign will take place in Korea, and the multiplayer battles will be much larger with up to 20 players per match.

Eugen Systems is already a few months into development and was unveiled in August at Gamescom. They say they’ll be announcing some of the other new features along with the debut of the first gameplay videos.

For now, have a look at the screenshots below.



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