Characters have been at the heart of the Metro series, and characters are also the focus of the Chronicles Pack, the last DLC for Metro: Last Light. It includes three new missions, each played through the eyes of a different character.

The new DLC gives background on what took place beyond Artyom’s quest. It adds to the charm of Metro which makes you feel as though you’re in a world that is very much alive, and where your adventure is just one of many taking place.

I’ll refrain from revealing any spoilers, but vaguely, the Chronicles Pack will put you in the shoes of Anna, Pavel, Ulman, and briefly as Khan. You’ll also get to briefly play with the new Multi Barrelled Bicycle Shotgun, which is kind of like a shotgun mixed with a gatling gun.

Each of the three quests takes place at different intervals of the game. Anna’s is the beginning, Pavel’s the middle, and Khan’s toward the end.

If you were wondering why Anna didn’t save you from being captured by nazis in the beginning of Metro: Last Light, you’ll finally get your answer. Her quest is all above-ground. You start off giving overwatch with a sniper rifle as Artyom chases the dark one. And soon you find yourself looking down the scope at Artyom as he falls unconscious and while a large group of nazis sweeps in.

Anna’s mission is all about stealth, and you’ll be facing plenty of heavily armored opponents who make her path a difficult one. Hers is interesting, though, since it’s one of the first missions in the Metro series that has some serious sniper gameplay, and it’s a bit reminiscent of the old arcade classic, “Silent Scope.”

Pavel’s mission starts in Venice, around the same time Artyom shows up. You play as the character who seems to care little for anyone other than himself. Pavel has been captured by the bandits of Venice, and you’ll need to help him escape their layer beneath the city.

For Pavel’s quest, conserving ammo is a top priority. You won’t be given guns and ammo to burn though. If you run in with guns blazing, it won’t be long before you start hearing the all-feared “click” of an empty mag and find yourself staring down the barrel of a shotgun with only a knife to protect you. His mission is a blend of stealth and action (or just stealth, if you’re really good), and you’re likely to have some fine shootouts before it’s over.

And lastly there’s Khan. The mission with Khan has you start in the shoes of Ulman, the joker who is probably the exact opposite of Khan. After a very surreal journey through the tunnels of the underground with Khan narrating along the way, you’ll briefly take the role of Khan and learn a bit about his past.

He’s easily my favorite character in the series. Like a hunter who learned to move with the wild rather than fight it, Khan is in touch with the deeper elements of the Metro. He added a lot of value to both ‘Metro 2033‘ and ‘Metro: Last Light’ by building a sense of lore around the new world beneath the old world—ghosts of the past, the anomalies of the underground, and the creatures that fill it. Journeys with Khan make the game more than just another FPS where soldiers fight against monsters, and the mission with him in the DLC is no exception.

The new missions aren’t too long (about an hour each), but Metro fans will appreciate the Chronicles Pack. It gives players background to the story and fills in a few gaps, and for players wanting to revisit the metro this is a must-buy.

The Chronicles Pack is available on Steam.

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