According to the developers at Frictional Games, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs wasn’t so much a true sequel as it was a spiritual successor. It seems their next game, SOMA, isn’t a sequel either, but rather a game that takes what they learned about SOMA and brings it into a much darker and twisted world.

An accompanying press release from the developers explains what we’re looking at. SOMA takes place in the PATHOS-2 research facility, a place that has lost contact with the outside world and that’s filled with machines whose “behavioral anomalies are increasingly dangerous, if not… malevolent.”

“The facility is devolving into chaos. No weapons, and the only escape is practically unthinkable,” it states.

The first gameplay video of SOMA shows players wake up (with amnesia) in a strange looking lab. A body lays on a table with a hollowed out head and a frightening looking mechanism laying next to it. We see a hallway of wires, and what looks like a robot clinking through the darkness. Then we see another machine with a brain on it, and snake-like robots that seem to have it in for you.

Frictional Games refers to SOMA as “an aberrant tale of scientific inquiry and survival; an entropic exploration of synapse and circuit that wades through the delusions of human consciousness.”

From the sounds of it, SOMA will carry the legacy of Amnesia for messing with your head in ways you never thought possible in a game.

The developers already have three years of work behind SOMA, but it’s still a long way from finished. It will be coming out for PC and Playstation 4 in 2015.

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  1. Paddy

    In the opening paragraph it says “…that takes what they learned about SOMA…” I think that should be “…that takes what they learned about Amnesia…” 😉


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