The old world is gone. The people dead, the earth dying. All that’s left is you, your dog, and hordes of freaky creatures chasing after you. This is the setting for Ashen Rift, an upcoming post-apocalyptic game that pairs you with a K-9 companion as you search for a way to save a world that’s coming to an end.

Ashen Rift is only three months into development, but already looks impressive, not only in terms of graphics but also in terms of character and story. You won’t be playing as the silent protagonist with a NAVY SEALs dog. You’re a simple country guy with a regular dog wandering around the ruins of a world ravaged by monsters.

So far the only description is a short letter written in character by the protagonist. It says that a military experiment on what was called a “rift” ended up turning people nearby into monsters, which then killed the rest of humankind. The game takes place 20 years after the outbreak, when the world is about to end. You pack up a shotgun, strap a flashlight to your dog, and set off to the facility that started it all to see if you can save the world before it’s drained of its last drop of life.

Here’s the letter in full:

“20 years ago some scientists and military folk got to meddlin’ in things they ought to have left alone, they called it a “rift” or some such.

Now the whole damn earth is almost entirely empty and she’s about to breathe her last breath. I don’t reckon I know exactly what’s causing all of this, but I know what I’ve seen since then and it ain’t right…

See, things started getting a bit strange, there were a few reports and then I guess the government stepped in and we heard nothin’… Wasn’t long after that when most of the population started to waste away real fast, like in a matter of days and it just didn’t stop…

Some people closer to the rift actually started to change… Man I don’t even know how to describe it, at first glance you could see somethin’ was wrong with people, like really fucked up, but somehow it didn’t register, like… It didn’t click… like it couldn’t… and this went on for days, and nobody thought anything of it somehow…
Shit finally sank in when a bunch of us started to see past the fog in our heads, it was like when you can actually hear your own voice, y’know, before you wake up from talkin’ in your sleep. I knew what was going on around me, but… Awe fuck it, with people dyin’ or turning into… not people… Most everyone’s gone now at this point an’ I figure I haven’t seen anyone but Bounder for months now.

*Sigh* It’s pretty calm now since everythin’ on earths almost dead… Guess the thing causing all of this ain’t got anything else to feed on… Even the feeders I’ve seen wandering around are skinny, they’re dopey, hardly even alive anymore…

I’ve waited 20 years and I figure now is a good time for me and Bounder to see if we can’t find a way to shut down the rift and cut this thing and its influence off from earth…

Maybe it’s not too late for earth, maybe shes got some fight left in her.”

There’s no release date yet for Ashen Rift, but it is planned for release on Mac, PC, and Linux.

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