The third DLC for Metro: Last Light is going to take us on a journey to a little place called the “Spiders’ Lair.” Luckily, we’ll be able to make that journey with a brand-new hand-pumped flamethrower.

The developers say the new solo mission is “pure survival horror,” and they say it will be “one of the most intense, stressful Metro experiences ever.”


You awake unarmed with just a lighter and a compass, and you’ll need to escape the Spiders’ Lair which the little creatures have built in an old missile silo. You’ll have to scavenge for bullets, filters for your gas mask, and fuel for your trusty flamethrower.


The new “Developers Pack” DLC goes beyond spiderville. It also has the Gun Table, which gives players a shooting range with marksman challenges, and the AI Arena that will let players pit groups of enemies against each other and either watch the battles unfold or join the combat themselves.

It will also include a brand-new weapon that the developers say they’ll tell us more about soon.

Then there’s the next DLC, which the developers are teasing us with. The “Chronicles Pack,” will be more of an official single-player DLC, which the devs say “most closely resembles the Metro campaign experience.” This time, however, you’ll be playing as some of Metro’s other characters, namely Pavel, Anna, Khan, and Ulman. They say it will “tie up some unanswered questions away from Artyom’s quest.”

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