Raindrop looks like Outlast, set in a massive post-apocalyptic world. Ruins of old restaurants still stand next to rusted playgrounds. Abandoned buildings tower near the overgrown fields. And there’s a large, all-destroying light that’s coming after you.

It will be a surreal, environment driven, first-person survival game with fully explorable levels and complex puzzles. If “fully explorable” means you can go into any of the buildings shown in the trailer, this could easily be one of the most expansive horror games yet.

The developers say Raindrop has a horror themed storyline, and will “will keep you inching around each corner while uncovering the hidden truth behind the complex and its inhabitants.” Meanwhile, you’ll also have to survive “your own battered sanity.”

Along the way you’ll be scavenging for items to build objects for the puzzles, or to build traps.

Here’s the last trailer. It shows more of the post-apocalyptic environment, and hints at some soviet experiment.

There will hopefully be more details soon, as the developers will be launching a Kickstarter on October 10.

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