Air Combat: Vietnam to Tell the Story of Nam From the Air

The pilots of Vietnam fought a very different kind of battle from any the world had seen, and Kalypso USA is trying to capture that in their upcoming arcade air-combat game Air Combat: Vietnam.

This will not be just some randomized “fly, shoot” game. You’ll take the role of Joe Thompson, a new pilot in the U.S. Air Force, and you’ll follow his story as a conflict escalates into a full war and everything that comes with it. You’ll take control of a broad spectrum of aircraft, from fighter jets to helicopter gunships, as you rescue troops, take down North Vietnamese fighter squadrons, and rain doom on their ground troops.

What catches my attention is the game will have a full narrative, and your performance will affect this. You’ll also engage in key battles from the Vietnam war, leading up to the fall of Saigon—and there are few games that have taken this journey.

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