Fans of Endless Space will get to take the battle to the ground in the newly announced Endless Legends. While Endless Space was a 4x-Strategy reminiscent of Masters of Orion, Endless Legends is a 4x-Strategy comparable to Civilization.

The upcoming game from Iceburg Interactive and Amplitude Studios will allow players to explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate their opponents, with a hero from one of Endless Space’s eight civilizations leading their armies.

Endless Legend - Town View

Like Endless Space, however, Endless Legends will give players the whole universe as their stomping ground. Mathieu Girard, CEO of Amplitude Studios in a release, “With respect toward great games released before us, we intend to set a new benchmark in creating a rich, immersive, thrilling, and accessible 4X strategy game in a new fantasy setting.”

Here’s the story so far:

Another sunrise, another day of toil. Food must be grown, industries built, science and magic advanced, and wealth collected. Urgency drives these simple efforts, however, for your planet holds a history of unexplained apocalypse, and the winter you just survived was the worst on record. A fact that has also been true for the previous five.

As you discover the lost secrets of your world and the mysteries of the legends and ruins that exist as much in reality as in rumor, you will come to see that you are not alone. Other peoples also struggle to survive, to grow, and perhaps even to conquer.

You have a city, a loyal populace, and a few troops; your power and magic should be sufficient to keep them alive. But beyond that, nothing is certain… Where will you go, what will you find, and how will you react? Will your trail be one of roses, or of blood?

Endless Legend - Exploration

Endless Legend - Battle Deployment 1

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