Although the developer warns this is not yet a “true” alpha, you can get a feel for what’s to come with Ahab, named after Captain Ahab from Herman Melville’s famous book, Moby Dick, with the pre-Alpha currently available for free.

Ahab seems like it will be very much like Moby Dick. You’re out on the water toting around a harpoon looking to take down unsuspecting whales, only it’s set in a steampunk universe. While it’s a sea hunting game seemingly played heavily from a boat, it’s played from the first person.

According to the IndieDB page, “A great sea beast is roaming the ocean and you must use your tools to hunt it down and end your blood sport against the devil! Using your tools, you’ll track and slay whales to collect oil to fund your ship’s endeavor against the monster!”

There isn’t much to the game yet, but as a side note, if you haven’t checked out the true story of Moby Dick, I highly recommend reading this longform article from the Smithsonian. The story of Moby Dick was actually inspired by a guy whose ship was rammed and sunk by a whale, and who was then stranded at sea, then gradually forced into madness and cannibalism before being rescued. Melville interviewed the man years after the incident.

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