Of all the genres out there today, I sometimes wonder why we see so few games following the model of Flashback and Out of This World. Yes, we had the Oddworld series, which was awesome, but how many have there really been since? It’s a mish-mash genre that has pseudo puzzle-based stages, side-scrolling graphics, and gameplay that revolves strongly around quick reactions and good timing.

With a Flashback remake in the pipeline, and the recent return of Out of This World, I personally hope we can see these gameplay mechanics become more common, and that may be why I’m overjoyed to see Candle.

Currently on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight, the developers at Teku Studios describe Candle as a “dynamic graphic adventure.” They say it pulls inspiration from the aforementioned titles, as well as Heart of Darkness, yet they add “we want it to go one step forward, and so we have brought together all the key features in those games to create a unique title focused on calm puzzle resolution but with a modern and dynamic control over the character.”

Sounds good to me.

They state the most important element of the gameplay is an ability of the main character, Teku, that has somehow replaced one of his hands with a candle. This candle can be lit in certain areas, and he needs to prevent the flame from going out. It’s apparently a key to some of the puzzles, and can help you uncover the game’s mysteries.

And as an added bonus, the whole game is hand-drawn with a mix of watercolor and ink. Even the animations are done by hand (then transferred to a computer, of course).

The developers state, “To support this art style, we are building the narrative in a different and distinctive way. We want it to have mature contents told as a child story, shrouded in innocence and ingenuity. We call it an ‘adult tale’, and we hope that all of you enjoy this vision.”

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