Ever since it was announced, fans have been speculating about the upcoming MMO title Eternal Crusade. Filling the void left by the never completed Dark Millennium, the game will be  Warhammer 40,000’s first major online multiplayer title and hopes have been high. Between the questionable future of the Dawn of War series, THQ going under, and the steady decline of Warhammer Online, the franchise needs new hit titles.

Details about Eternal Crusade have been few. While the factions have been listed and the free to play format the game will follow has been made known, many details were left for fans to question. This lack of information combined with Behavior Interactive’s history of titles, many of which were film tie-ins or lacked critical acclaim, left many wondering if the developer can deliver. Thankfully we’ve been given the first indication they truly can.

In a Q&A session on the Vigila Mortis community website, game developers answered the questions by a number of fans ranging from atmosphere to basic features of gameplay. Head of Studio Miguel Caron and Brent Ellison gave a number of answers detailing what they had planned for the title.

Among these answers were outlined things like the unique guild system the game will feature. While the question was clearly directed in what was planned for Space Marines, it gave a good indication for what we can expecte to see. Rather than having a mass of allies, Eternal Crusade will allow players to group together into Battle Squads who will in turn join to create Strike Forces. Each Force will have their own Strike Cruiser and base of operations with the customisation features, such as banners and custom symbols, to hopefully be included prior to beta testing.

Furthermore alongside the Dark Angels, several other chapters are planned to have an involvement within the title. Despite what many feared, Orkz are not going to be treated simply as a joke race. In their answer the developers specified that “our goal is to make them fun for the people playing them and terrifying for everyone else. We want players to identify with their characters and form communities so we’re doing everything we can to make Ork players proud to fight for the Waaagh!”

In terms of how it will be played, the game will have a emphasis upon PvP with classes containing more “multiplayer action/FPS” influences than those from traditional MMORPGs. Healing and support actions are stated to be used as tools rather than outright roles, with all players participating in direct fighting.

The Q&A article can be found in full on the Vigila Mortis herebut for the moment things look promising. If Behavior Interactive can deliver upon what has been outlined here, we’ll be halfway towards having a decent game.

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