Sony took its turn today at E3 unveiling their newest hardware. And although Sony’s direct competitor, Microsoft, added some great features to the upcoming Xbox One, it also made clear its ultimate goal to completely control your gaming experience and your wallet.xboxone

Sony released the cost of the PS4 at $399. That’s $100 less than its direct competitor, Microsoft’s Xbox One.

PS4 will also support used games and features no online check in. What’s this online check in you say? If you haven’t already heard, Xbox will require you to “check in” a game within 24 hours of usage. So you can play offline for up to 24 hours before being forced to register your game to your account and only your game account. Every 24 hours they will be checking up to ensure there are no shenanigans.

ps4_hardware_sony_3_00475_640screenIf using an already registered game on a console not your own, Xbox will force check in within an hour of gameplay.

It gets worse, while Xbox themselves won’t be charging you a fee for usage of any resold games or traded games, they will leave those fees up to the publisher. And assuming the publisher approves of trading games between friends it may only be done once. While there are no fees associated with the trade, Xbox wants to make sure you are bff’s and you must be “friends” on Xbox Live for at least 30 days beforehand.

Microsoft also stated that there will be NO option to loan or rent games as of yet.

The video game Gestapo is watching, beware!

See Sony’s response here:

… take that Xbox!

Xbox One will launch this November and PS4 will launch sometime this holiday season.

Who do you think will win the battle of the console? Leave your thoughts below.

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