You wake up after being unconscious for several hundred years. You’re surrounded by the ruins of the three empires from the world you knew. You’re the last of your kind, and you set off to find what happened to your people, and why you slept through whatever befell them.

This is how Remnant starts. The indie game sounds like it will have elements similar to Terraria—it will be a sidescroller adventure game based on exploration, crafting, survival, and research—yet it will have a strong story, which ties into a larger story called the Mezua Chronicles. The developer states that if Remnant does well, he may work on three additional stories to follow.

The gameplay sounds familiar enough. You’ll need to explore, mine, and craft as you move along. There will also be puzzles to solve, artifacts to find, and foliage to chop along the way.

But there will be a destination to the toil. You’ll need to find hidden rooms, secret caves, and other spots in the landscape that can teach you about the past.

What makes Remnant truly interesting is the dreamlike art style it’s bringing to the craft-mine-survive genre. Check out the images below, and we’ll keep updated on this one as more information comes out.


Environment Concepts Design_6

concept 3


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