The Girl and the Robot is an action-adventure game set in a fairy tale world, which follows a little girl and a defective robot as they try to escape an ancient castle ruled by an evil queen. The game looks as good as it sounds, and we had the pleasure of speaking with Salim Larochelle from Flying Carpet Games about what we can expect.

TechZwn: So, the game is about a little girl trying to escape a castle ruled by an evil queen, and gets helped along this journey by a defective robot. It’s an interesting story. What was the inspiration behind this?

Larochelle: The main inspiration came straight from our gameplay idea of switching between two characters. Once that was decided, we needed two characters with abilities that complement each other and so we came up with a wise little girl and a strong robot. Since friendship is the main theme, the evil castle was a perfect place to test the friendship between those two characters. As for why the girl is trapped in the castle, you will have to play the game to figure out that mystery.

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TechZwn: The game looks fantastic. It reminds me of a mix between Ico and something from Studio Ghibli. What made you choose the art style? You mention it’s all hand-painted in the style of old fairy tales.

Larochelle: Yes, Ico and Studio Ghibli are some of our many inspirations. Ico for its atmosphere and the Ghibli movies for their look. The reason why the hand-painted style is so interesting for us is because it can be relevant for many years regardless of the technology as opposed to photo realistic looking games.


TechZwn: What made you decide the fairy tale theme?

Larochelle: I think the fairy tale format is a very powerful way to convey our theme of friendship. I remember that fairy tales had a big impact on me as a child in terms of understanding a moral and triggering my imagination. Even if old fashion fairy tales are not as popular today, they can still be very relevant if we rediscover them.

TechZwn: In terms of the gameplay, can you tell us what we can expect? You describe it as an action/adventure, and it looks like it has a nice mix of puzzle solving and and combat.

screenshot009Larochelle: Basically, the player plays as the girl that has the ability to control the robot remotely using a magical pendant. The goal is to use the robot to create a safe path for the girl so that she can access a new part of the castle. Since the two characters have different abilities, the player will have to think carefully when solving a puzzle.

TechZwn: Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Larochelle: Yes, just that our studio is still very new but that we are dedicated in making great games for a long time; so stay tune and thank you for the early support!

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