I love cyberpunk games, and I love anything having to do with film noir. So it’s only fitting that I’m drawn to HARVEST (currently on Kickstarter), an upcoming graphic adventure that has you playing as a detective in a futuristic Detroit investigating a case concerning the survival of humanity. We had the pleasure of speaking with Kevin Gondek of GondeFire Productions about the upcoming game.

TechZwn: The game looks awesome. It reminds me of a mix between Children of Men and Bladerunner. What were the influences behind HARVEST? What are some of the themes you want to bring out?

67fdf10649706b7cb8294ccd0591663c_largeGondek: The biggest influences behind Harvest would have to be Bladerunner and Kojima’s masterpiece game, Snatcher. We definitely want to bring out that sci-fi and noir feel to the game.

TechZwn: In terms of gameplay, you describe it as a 2D graphic adventure game, controlled through menus. Why did you choose this route? What experience do you hope it will create for players?

Gondek: We decided to go with this gameplay to allow the player to feel a real connection to the story. By interacting with the menus, you feel like you’re in the shoes of the character. We hope that the players are truly engrossed in Harvest.

TechZwn: It seems like a lot of work has been put into the art and sound. What sense are you hoping to evoke in the game? How will this lend to the story?

Gondek: The art direction of Markus Lovadina really does paint the picture for this game, giving you that futuristic feel. The sound and music of Rich Douglas bring the game to life, giving you a sense of reality.


TechZwn: Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Gondek: Making a graphic adventure game is about the story. We think with the art, music, and storyline of Harvest, we are creating a game that players are going to love for years to come.

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Joshua Philipp is the founder and editor of TechZwn.com. He's also an award-winning journalist at Epoch Times.

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