The alpha release of Folk Tale is a hilarious step into the right direction. Games Foundry Limited has created an RTS strategy game that uses workers and resources while keeping a witty and funny narrative together as units clear goals and help the needy in their specific quests.

The alpha release is also reminiscent of MMO games as well, the players amass a global inventory  by looting monster carcasses and opening treasure chests throughout the land. Units learn special abilities and level up as long as they are doing their respected jobs. Even townsfolk can level up on their own to work faster.


Folk Tale requires some basic building construction that requires resources upfront. Buildings can be placed in specific plots, and each one trains the towns peasants into productive members of society. Thus far, only train men to become militia, woodcutters,monks, and stone cutters. Female peasants can be trained to become innkeepers but their usefulness has yet to be seen. It is an interesting twist on the workers but has not been fully developed.

The biggest things that I take away from this alpha are the cut-scenes. It has taken a familiar territory of gaming and added a fun new spin to it. According to the Steam page the game offers a dynamic story and random events to keep this as much sandbox as it is RTS and MMO. Sounds like PC gaming heaven.

The  is a large variation of different character animations, and the world objects are bright and cartoonish, the use of distinct regions on the world map helps keep the narrative, navigation and goals organized. Goblins live in the swamps, Wolves in the mountains, and dwarfs in the fiery hell hole. Moving units through this large map can be difficult. Finding specific units can also be difficult without a manifest or hot-keys on the keyboard.

Kudos to the voice acting department thus far; scene dialogue as well as idle banter is funny and engaging. The use of the settlers ship, that slowly drops of more civilians as time passes is also a useful mechanic that keeps micro-management low. The game also uses few resources to start, and only gold is required to build militia.


There are a lot of minor visual problems with the HUD as well, but no need to get to specific, the game runs smoothly either way and the information is still all there. The game also does not divulge much into equipping found items, or learned abilities. Farmers can be known as buggy an d do not always tend to the cows and chickens right away, or ever. Players do not need these mechanics to complete the tutorial.

This beta game allows the player to play a single story campaign that features all the necessary components to build an army and take out the slave driver Urzal and free your captured companions.

Altogether the early access of this game is fun. A constant use of British humor from all factions gives this game a more approachable outlook than RTS games tend to have. There is little to be seen about the dynamic storytelling or random events. Besides the tutorial, the main Menu is hinting towards a “Sandbox” and “Map Editor” modes. We’ll just have to keep a closer ear out to the next beta release.




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