Chroma is a game devoid of power-ups or upgrades. You start the game with a single power, and you keep it the whole way through. There is also only one massive level, with near-full access from the beginning, and despite being a side-scroller, the game is mostly non-linear.

As the dev describes it on the Chroma website, “it’s a brain explosion inducing thing to design.”

The gameplay in Chroma will focus on the player’s ability to play between light and shadow. And to keep things interesting, the dev says he’s making sure “there’s a chance a player can encounter something new that seems very difficult or advanced or obtuse as they haven’t been introduced to it before.”

It will be an exploration game with its foundation on puzzle solving—which should be interesting departure in the metroidvania genre.

The dev explains how this will work:

“Instead of collecting a new power to access a new area, the player behind the keyboard learns or figures out patterns and advances these methods themselves to figure out escalating puzzles. So they might find something really strange and can’t work out how to use it, then later find a different version of it used in a different manner and think “oh snap” and realise what they need to do at the previous thing they found.”

If players get stuck, they can just go somewhere else, and have a whole different adventure. And if players can just crack the code at every turn, then cheers to them.

“Since the world is just one big level, and the game revolves quite heavily on the ‘where? why? what? and who?’ the world you are in has purpose and meaning, the actual environment needs to be a certain way with functioning areas for a bigger purpose, so I have to design around this,” he said.

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