In another month, the official launch of Harebrained Scheme’s Shadowrun Returns will arise. Mitch, Executive producer for Shadowrun Returns, speaks here about his experience making the game as well as what to expect. This game was an overnight success on Kickstarter, and many early Kickstarter Backers have started to use the developer’s tool to contribute in their own ways. The game is set up for success in many directions, including with its partner game, Shadowrun Online, produced by Cliffhanger Studios. Here is what Mitch has to say:

TechZWN: This game is being labeled as an indie title, but has actually been a long time franchise. When working for the project, does it feel more like a more humble indie game production or something larger?

Gitelman: Shadowrun has been around a long time but you can’t quite label it a franchise because it’s gone through so many owners and developers. It hasn’t been controlled by one company for many years. Harebrained Schemes has no publisher and no marketing department. We work directly for our players. As I look around the room at our team of tired developers, I can tell you – it feels really indie to me.

TechZWN: I noticed on the provided website there will be conversation editing and character editing. Will this be done in Unity or another package? Will this editor be free of charge? Does Harebrained Schemes intend in seeing a lot of user mods for this title?

Gitelman: There’s far more than conversation and character editing! We’re releasing our complete game editor – exactly the same tools we’re using to make the games. In addition, we’re releasing the entire campaign in the editor so you can see how it was built and borrow as much as you need to jump-start your own creations. The editor comes with the game on Windows and Mac and we hope to see a ton of community created content for it! Here’s some of the stuff our Kickstarter Backers are already making with the early release version they got a couple of weeks ago:

SNES Shadowrun reboot project

TechZWN: Shadowrun Online is being released near the same time as Shadowrun Returns, are there constant communications with Cliffhanger studious? Was this project always intended to be an adjacent project , or was the offer sprung upon after the Kickstarter instant success?

Gitelman: We talk to Cliffhanger pretty often since we share the Shadowrun fansite,, with Catalyst Game Labs. Shadowrun Returns takes place in the 2050s and Shadowrun Online takes place in the 2070s and the two games aren’t intended to be “adjacent”. They’re just being created by two game developers passionate about the same shared game world.

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