Fan films have always been a big part of nerd culture. Everything from Halo to X-Men have had their own adaptations on both large and small  budgets, but only a comparative handful with budgets tend to be based off of original web creations or the products of certain websites. This is one of them.

The product of 4Chan and responsible for some of the most nightmare inducing ideas on the internet, the SCP Foundation is a selection of in-universe stories and censored reports from an organisation which protects humanity. Quarantining and containing hostile beings of multiple origins, supernatural artifacts, rogue artificial intelligence and devices of mass destruction; the stories are varied. Some intentionally humorous, some horrifying beyond reckoning and some based upon other fictional characters. Yes, there’s one about the Emperor of Mankind.

One of the most originally disturbing and surreal tales is SCP-426, which can be found here and details the loss of individual identity and an inanimate object supplanting that of any nearby humans. Trying to describe it here wouldn’t do the story justice, but both the setting, focus and delivery work wonders for the concept. Now someone wants to make a short film about it. Not just any film. but one with a moderate budget.

William DuFresne, better known to frequently visitors of ThatGuyWithTheGlasses as Suade, is seeking $10,000 in crowd funding to realise this. Having made a series of short films in the past, both for the aforementioned website and a digital film-making course, DuFresne has some experience behind the camera and his previous works reflect this. Most seem to have been done on a very small budget however and he even admits that he’s trying to make this to “blow the minds of those expecting a zero budget student film.” Also taking advantage of the facilities available while he has them as this might be a final chance to make a film in this capacity.

The film’s page on the Kickstarter-esque site PledgeMe details how the budget will the broken up and divided between hiring actors, props, cameras and showing a degree of transparency such a project needs. Furthermore a full quarter of the overall predicted final budget is being devoted to supporters and the rewards each tier of support offers. Further information can also be found on a video made explaining the piece which features a number of clips of his previous films.

While an ambitious project, the film has already been shown a great deal of support and is at approximately 30% funded. With luck we’ll be seeing the film sometime in the future.

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