After the train wreck which was Gearbox’s Aliens: Colonial Marines took everyone by surprise, it seems that someone has decided to take the developer to court over it. As a result of what he calls false advertising, the law firm Edelson LLC on behalf of a Mr. Damion Perrine have cited a number of civil and business codes they believe the creators of the game breached. A major issue targeted was Gearbox’s infamous high tech “demos” were playable segments which were claimed to directly reflect the overall quality. Featuring graphics far beyond what the game was capable of, scenes and details which were never actually in the game and ultimately a product far beyond what we actually got.

With such a strict embargo being placed upon the game to prevent negative reviews prior to release, and very few actual examples being given of the game’s actual quality, it’s not hard to see why this is being done. The sheer difference between what was promised and what we actually got is something a lot of people have gotten tired of over the years, and who can blame them. The problem here however, is which might come as a result of this lawsuit should it succeed.

Many of these promotional videos and the advertisements which the lawsuit is targeting were those created while the game was still being developed. While the title was in flux and open to considerable changes prior to release. As a result the obvious question here is how do you define actual false advertising and what is something which is work in progress, liable to change.

If this goes through and is successful it will set a precedent for similar “demos” and advertisements to be sued over differences. That if a new game is brought to E3 or similar conventions, then it will be used to gauge the overall quality of the game and if it seems exaggerated in some way it will leave developers open to being sued as a result.

On the one hand the accusations of false advertisement hit Colonial Marines especially hard due to the limited information which was actually given to audiences. With so much being based purely upon the aforementioned fabricated demos. On the other, unless specific dates or definitions are introduced to deal with such problems, then it could very easily become an easily abused method of targeting certain developers.

If you don’t believe that this is possible consider other popular series for a moment. The Bioshock series for example. For as much praise as it’s been given, just about all of which is very much deserved, but it has a habit for presenting either significant or minor differences in demos and trailers. Bioshock Infinite featured sequences which were exaggerated versions of levels within the actual game, frequently being either far more impressive or with significant differences to what we actually got. Elizabeth being harmed by her powers, more frequent involvement by the Songbird, more direct interaction with the locals, and a much smoother and dynamic experience overall.

The obvious difference between the two is that we got almost nothing of what Colonial Marines’ promotional material promised; while Infinite’s overall gameplay experience was more or less the same barring a few alterations. One was barely recognisable while the other we could at least see shades of what we were promised. For those looking to make cash, or are extremely unsatisfied with the title however, they could potentially stand as much of a chance of having a successful lawsuit as against a game with actual false advertising.

Again I want to stress that actually seeing someone confront Sega and Gearbox, trying to show that their actions will not be tolerated, is a good thing. It’s just we might have repercussions we might end up regretting.

Those are just my two cents however, if you disagree or have your own opinion on this matter feel free to outline it in the comments section below.

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  1. Dakan45

    Its good, they need to reallize that they cant get away wtih this crap, unless you are bioshock infinite and thus like to make fake e3 demos.

  2. Dakan45

    Its good, they need to reallize that they cant get away wtih this crap, unless you are bioshock infinite and thus like to make fake e3 demos.

    • bigevilworldwide

      No this is just another stupid BS frivolous lawsuit…..There is no chance in hell of this actually going anywhere, people who bought the game don’t deserve 1 single penny of any money back or extra money…..All of the demos clearly stated work in progress may not represent final product….And aside from that IF you saw any of the 3 trailers that were released at least a month before the game released you are a moron in every sense of the word. Those trailers showed exactly what the final game was going to be, anyone with half a brain at least cancelled their pre-orders the moment any of those final 3 trailers released. …..Nor Did bioshock have a fake E3 demo, the game was in development for 3 years plenty of time for them to actually change gears, and back to the moron thing who actually sees these demos or trailers from 2 or 3 years prior to a game actually releasing and thinks that every single little thing is going to be in the final product especially considering that “demo” was from 2011….People like you are obviously the reason companies have to deal with these stupid frivolous lawsuits….There was MORE than enough warning that the game was crap at least a Month before it released….ONCE AGAIN IGNORANCE IS NOT AN EXCUSE

      • Dakan45

        The demos did not represent the
        game going backwards, nor the trailers that were taken at the same
        quality of graphics or the preorders.

        Point is, they should be scared so they stop pullign that crap.

        The first demo was faked.

        Those companies are lying morons and they deserve all the lawsuits they get.

        Ignorance? more like missinformation. We cant trust reviews, we cant trust gameplay footage either.
        screw off for supporting those sellout dlc ,liers that ruin
        franchises with reboots and “appeal to larger audience” Only to fail in sales.

        Long story short those practises ruin the industry.

  3. dumpmanagers.manager

    good for sure. False advertising is bad.

    Had they given a warning or something on the game then maybe just maybe..


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