If you’ve ever wondered what Bioshock Infinite’s floating city of Columbia would look like if the game were an isometric RPG, Chris Bischoff, the developer of STASIS took time off his development schedule to render his own vision of what it would look like would look like in an isometric 2D game.

He states, “Although I haven’t played the game (seriously, I’m HORRIBLE at finishing games! I haven’t even arrived on the planet yet in Dead Space 3), I delved into the story by watching Lets Plays and reading up on all of the theories. Although, the thing that interested me most was the city of Collumbia! And naturally, it needed some ‘isometricing’, because all games would look better in 2D Isometric. So I decided to do a mockup of what I think BIOSCHOCK would look like as an isometric 2D game :)”

Chris (read our interview with Chris) has been known to go on brief tangents to develop awesome isometric art and game concepts, then drop back into the development of STASIS, an upcoming isometric horror game similar to the original Fallout games.

He states, “I sometimes take a break from vivisections, rotting corpses and the cold hard floors of The Groomlake to indulge either, my artistic or game designer side. Here are a few examples of previous side projects I’ve done. These side projects are honestly some of my favorite things to do and things that I think many people really appreciate. In a strange way, it actually focuses me MORE on STASIS by letting me step back for a few nights and let my imagination run wild.”

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