Just last weekend, the European release date to the latest Battlefield game was seemingly leaked to gamers via Facebook. In a post on their page, the individuals monitoring Electronic Arts’ German Facebook account listed that the title will be coming to PC, Xbox and PS3 on October the 31st. While this could be regarded as being an official announcement, the fact this has been only done on a single account and without much fanfare suggests that this was unintentionally leaked. As a result it would be best to regard this with scepticism rather than as a confirmed date. However, it does coincide with other information from EA from not too long ago.

This is the second time this has happened in recent months with the same title. At the end of march the retailer Zavvi leaked the supposed release date for Battlefield 4 on xbox.com, announcing that it would becoming to the xbox 360 on October the 29th. While the message was quickly omitted and EA refused to comment upon this, this new leaked information is at a similar time of the year. Suggesting that we will likely be seeing the game’s sometime during late October.

With EA typically being tight lipped about their release dates and refusing to comment, a few have questioned if this is an intentional publicity stunt. Battlefield is their largest franchise after all and a fair number of articles have been written about both apparent leaks, spreading knowledge about it and raising the level of hype surrounding the title. It’s purely speculation of course, but the fact the publisher’s only response has been “no comment” thus far and has caused more than a few eyebrows to be raised. Only time will really tell how accurate these dates really are.

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