Jonathan Blow. J Blow. The big J-Blowski. He’s known by many names, but what he’s not known for is half-assing anything. While this does promise the gaming community work of unparalleled quality with every release, it also means we have to wait years and years in between games.

The last game released by Blowtato was a little ditty I’m sure you all have heard of by the name of ‘Braid.’ One of the most successful indie games to date, ‘Braid’ swept up mountains of awards with it’s gameplay, art, music, and WTF?! ending, but in past interviews Blowmo sapien has said that this wasn’t what he wanted. While he has nothing against winning awards for his work, he was hoping ‘Braid’ would gain respect and admiration for the meaning behind it instead of the cosmetics. To this day he still believes very few people actually understand what point he was trying to make through the chrono-platformer adventures of Tim. I remember once reading that despite the hundreds of analyses and interpretations posted online, Blow-Jo-Jo-Jo had only come across one thread that fully understood what he was going for.

You may retort with ‘he probably hasn’t seen that many,’ but Blowseph is notorious for having a powerful internet presence and his comments can actually be seen in almost every serious forum that has gone into discussion about his 2008 masterpiece. One of my friends even emailed him asking to shadow him for a day and the man wrote back with a very thorough and respectful email explaining why it would be a useless endeavor. He cares about the gaming community, both for its future and its members, and that is why through our consternation in waiting for his latest project we need to understand and respect the time he is putting in.

the-witness-02This finally brings us to the game on the top of every serious gamer’s watch-list: ‘The Witness.’ Blowser has been working on this game since the launch of ‘Braid’ and up until this past year and a half the whole project has been very hush hush, despite the Blow-man’s constant blog updates and forum posts. Even though so little was known about the game, everyone knew that this was the game to look for. ‘Braid’ was known for its philosophical hinting and Blow Tzu is known for being a serious philosophy gourmand. He has also said that ‘The Witness,’ which is a first person puzzle and perspective game, was created around a single idea and refuses to talk about it to not ruin anything. Considering the ending Blow-rito gave us in ‘Braid’ I’m sure we can all agree this ‘single idea’ is going to straight up blow our minds. All we have to do now is wait patiently for the game to come out. A year ago I would have said ‘don’t hold your breath,’ but now we have been given images, clip snippets, foreboding quotes, and even myths about alpha and beta testers. And the most exciting thing of all? A time spot in the trailer for the PS4! What could this all possibly mean?

It means this: after years of waiting and waiting and searching and piecing together, gamers can look forward to ‘The Witness’ being released with or around the launch of the PS4 at the end of 2013. For a limited time only, the PS4 will have exclusive console rights to ‘The Witness.’ The game will also release on computers around the same time while next gen Xbox users will have to wait a bit. But that’s just what happens when you’re slow on the draw. Sony was the first to jump on the ball and snag this powerhouse title, or maybe they just gave him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Either way, the long and grueling wait is almost over, and I know that when I finally get my PS4 this will be the first game I play.

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