Remember how that modder found the loophole that let him play SimCity indefinitely. Well, playing SimCity offline just got a whole lot simpler. Apparently the entire always-on rule is enforced by two lines of code that kick you off after 20 minutes of offline play.

Well, a couple coders managed to find those two lines of code, and published instructions on how to delete them while making the game still work.

Unfortunately you still can’t save in offline play, since saves are among the few things that seem to actually depend on the always online rule. But there are modders hard at work trying to fix that.

The latest changes are an interesting update to a long line of nonsense the folks at Maxis were trying to sell us on about how difficult it would be to make SimCity playable offline.

While there are a small handful of multiplayer features, like having cities connected between different players, it’s becoming more and more obvious that the always-online rule is just about them trying to weed out pirates.

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