I often wonder how gaming would have been different had everyone liked Bushido Blade as much as I did. The game was a Samurai simulator, brought into a fighter, with an open world and awesome combat. There have only been a handful of samurai games since then, and only one or two that are memorable (Onimusha comes to mind).

Luckily there are others longing for a good samurai adventure, and one developer, Irradic, has taken matters into his own hands.

Samurai Legends takes place in 15th century Japan where a power-hungry warlord has been granted demonic powers through the use of black magic. He unleashes an army of demons on the country, and after they wipe out your clan, you do what any good samurai would do—you hunt down every last one of them.

According to the developer, the game will be “an action adventure game with old-school game-play, and modern graphics.” And speaking of modern graphics, the developer just posted a fine collection of screenshots that show us what’s to come.

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