Guncraft is a FPS spin off of the popular hit Minecraft. The graphics are near identical and the openness and sandbox style gameplay are still there, only now it’s also a first-person shooter. Amazingly this actually works out with neither the FPS element lacking nor the block building/sandbox style gameplay losing any of its allure.

Fun, fast-paced, and addicting, you choose from several game modes including traditional deathmatch and team deathmatch as well as less tradition modes like lava survival, then you’re pretty much dropped into the game and the carnage ensues. You switch between FPS mode and building mode during the match so that you can dig yourself fox holes or even drop in pre-made structures like bunkers all mid-battle. I was really skeptical at first, but you know what? This game is awesome.


On one hand there is not a tremendous amount to this game, but on the other hand, for those looking for it, it does offer a tremendous amount of depth. As stated earlier, you can pretty much download this game and jump right into chaotic bloodbaths, requiring very little thought aside from figuring out what button does what (a slightly more detailed tutorial would be nice, but is not really necessary). Then, at the same time, you can opt to customize your avatar, adjusting his main and secondary weapons, his appearance, and a few other things such as kill streak bonuses. You can also create your own maps and games, and this is where the hours begin to really melt away because the sandbox style gameplay allows you to literally construct worlds, vast levels filled with anything your imagination can conjure.

Overall, Guncraft is a win. It could use a few minor tweaks, such as an upgraded physics engine, maybe (when you jump into the water you just walk along the bottom, there is no swim action), but really I’m trying hard to think of critiques for this game. Hopefully Steam Greenlights this soon so it can really begin to grow its player base, and we can all start shooting the blocks out of each other.

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