Nintendo has successfully extended the trademark for Eternal Darkness, allowing questions to still be asked about a possible future for the franchise.

Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem was an iconic and cult classic by Silicon Knights exclusively for Nintendo’s GameCube and many have been surprised not to see a sequel or even a re-release to date.

However the studio have seen trouble over the years losing court battles which led to them having to destroy copies of games using the Unreal Engine, paying millions to Epic Games and cancel other major projects.

Silicon Knights also worked on the successful remake of the first Metal Gear Solid, titled Twin Snakes for GameCube although many staff members who worked on these titles are believed to have long since left the company.

This move by Nintendo could just be a formality but many will most likely hope that Nintendo is working with a new developer on the title or could plan on helping out a once successful now struggling studio by finally making a sequel to one of their past console’s greatest games.

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