If you thought Bioware was done with the finale to their big goddamn trilogy, guess again.

Unveiling a new trailerMass Effect 3 is set to receive one last major DLC expansion for its story section, this time with emphasis upon a side-conflict within the Citadel itself. The trailer depicting Shepard and co. fighting battalions of armed insurgents bent upon ending their lives at the behest of a shadowy leader. Yes, one besides Cerberus.

The details we’ve been told seem to suggest this is going to be Bioware’s big sendoff to the game. Along with a new plot and new areas, one of which appears to be a personal bar on the Citadel, most excitingly the trailer depicts heavy involvement and new dialogue from the vast majority of your squadmates if not all of them. Yes, all of them. Barring a few exceptions such as those dead and dying during that game, a final shots in the trailer depicts everyone from Wrex to Kasumi being present; laying down barrages of rounds and later setting themselves up for a photograph. One minor character besides them which has been spotted has been Kolyat, a minor figure within the second and third game.

Speaking on Twitter, Bioware artist Chase Boyajian stated “i recommend playing through the dlc to get to the scene where the last song of the trailer is played. Tear jerker.”

Fans of the franchise should be seeing if the DLC will live up to their expectations upon its release tomorrow.


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