Comics where the author is given near total freedom over his creations and setting are frequently amongst the best products of the medium. As much as people might enjoy the mainstream storylines from Marvel and DC many series tend to be at their absolute best when the author has near total control over what they are writing. Watchmen, The Boys, countless examples from the now defunct Wildstorm; there’s no shortage of ones to bring up having been critically acclaimed.

Well here’s a new one which looks promising. One coming from a man who has already proven himself to be more than capable of creating compelling fictional universes several times over: Joe Michael Straczynski.

The comic in question, named Ten Grand, was announced yesterday with a full trailer and promotion from the writer on his Facebook page. As can be seen here, JMS encouraged anyone who had enjoyed his previous works to take a look at his latest creation and begin reserving copies prior to its release in May. His reasoning for encouraging people to buy the opening issue was “The bigger that debut, the more we can make Joe’s Comics a refuge for strong independent storytelling, and in time bring in other voices, other writers, to expand on that universe.”

JMS specifically appealed to those who missed “books evocative of the Vertigo line” and heavily emphasised upon independent storytelling within the works and the freedom it offered. Of Ten Grand itself however no definitive blurb or description has yet been given beyond what has been featured in the trailer, heavily involving religious motifs of angels and demons, with many details relating to who would be involved. Among the recognisable names thus far are Ben Templesmith and Jae Lee, which gives some indication of what the comic’s genre will be, and mention of its publication through Image Comics. This will hardly be the only series produced by Joe’s Comics, the imprint of Studio JMS, with other flagship titles being released alongside it consisting of Fallen Angel, Guardians and Sidekick.

Along with promoting the comic, it was also announced in the Facebook update that Studio JMS’ first feature film, The Flickering Light, had been slated to go into production by November. Further details were dropped involving a TV series and a web graphic novel which had gone into production.

The actual trailer for Ten Grand can be viewed below and gives a promising look at what the future will bring with the first issue.

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