The British Academy Games Awards are just days away, and they took the chance to interview a large group of folks in the game industry about game design. These interviews have been split up into several videos going over everything from level design, to the role of each person on a development team, to writing a good story.

The videos are part of BAFTA’s Young Game Designers program, which is a game design competition for 11-16 year olds. It’s meant to not only award kids for making a good game, but also to help get them interested in game design.

We found these videos interesting, and so figured we’d share them with all of you. So, below you can find the collection of videos and hopefully you’ll also find them as interesting as we do.

Role of a Programmer, With Ed Webb

Concept Art for Games & Environments, With Ross Burt

Designing Game Levels, With Sam Dickinson

Writing the Story, With Katie Elwood

Graphic Design for Games, With Alex Flynn

Creating Characters & Environments, With Gareth Hughes

Games Programming, With Toby Moore

The Design Process, With Gary Napper

Controls & Gameplay, With Phil Ring

The Role of an Art Director, With Lee Robinson

Designing a New Game, With Jonathan Smith

Educational Games, With Alice Taylor

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